Monday, March 12, 2007

My dad's silly theorem and some who's who game.

Roger Federer's 41 winning streak was snapped by Guillermo Canas yesterday. Relatively unknown Argentenian upset the world number one in straight sets at the ATP Masters Series Indian Wells. And in ironic circumstances the streak Federer's trying to beat (Guillermo Vilas') was hindered by another Guillermo and an Argetenian at that!

Then 24 hours later, the Dallas Mavericks, who has already clinched a playoff spot last week, had their longest winning streak ended by playoff-desperados, Golden State Warriors (who, according to my brother, actually have a habit of beating the Mavs in their turf).

Ok, it's me I'm only entertaining. I'm sure you all are yawning to death because I'm talking Sports AGAIN. But hey! Don't leave yet! I've got a story. And I promise you, this one's pretty interesting.

My dad has this ludicrous theory about Mafia and dominant figures in sports (i.e., Roger Federer and the Dallas Mavericks). Each time they lose, he'd remind me of this particular assumption he has that's the catalyst of each defeat. He believes that there are money-making gangs or mobs out there who pay these athletes/clubs to lose for their gambling's welfare.

I know, it kinda sounds foolish, right? But now even my brother confirms that this kind of stuff actually happens in reality. For example, a mogul bets on Andy Roddick to win that tournament. He happens to be in the same bracket as Federer, who holds a 12-1 edge against him. For some ignorant reason, that mogul decides he'd go up against the odds and actually take his chances of allowing his money slip away. Now, with all that bazillions on the line, he pays Federer to lose the match, in order to give Andy Roddick a breathing space to win the title. If and when Andy wins, the mogul also does. Big, bigger, biggest bucks. And that's how it supposedly works.

I still think it's a little too implausible. Or maybe I'm just being naive, as I always am when it comes to Sports. I mean, don't take it from the adult who still wants to think Professional Wrestling is real. (Speaking of WWE, The Rock was backkkk!!! But that's a whole other story, which I doubt you'd be interested in anyway.) But I digress. I'm still skeptical about this mafia-buys-results theory, and it lacks sensible proof to be convincing and realistic.

Hmm... That wasn't really that interesting. But I tried. Sigh. I wish I have readers who are sport nutcases too. But anyway, I still love you all. So, to redeem myself from pitching this, how about a survey? YAY!!! (Snagged from Alternati.)

Who is the first blogger you met?
Well, we were not bloggers yet then, but Eira or Shai (as she's popularly known as). We knew each other way back our jolog (haha) years and it was a surprise to see her again, in the blogosphere, no less. But if you want to get technical, I have met none. Because Bone wrote me off when I was in California!! (Just kidding. But seriously mare, why didn't you show up again? Haha.)

Who is the blogger ‘You Most Want to Meet’?
John Mayer, because I'm smarter than Jessica Simpson. I'm not sexy, but I'm a natural brunette!

Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet, but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
My virtual sister, Ate Clare, who's my very first blog-friend (eversince blogdrive years). It's actually kind of weird how she's one of the people I trust the most, when I only knew her from cyberspace. That's how amazing this person is. And I really hope she had superpowers like Hiro's, so she could teleport here whenever I boyhunt. At nang mapalitan na din niya ang virtual kuya ko. :P

Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you would like to meet right now?
Para walang tampuhan, I'll write your names on post-its and draw them from a basket. Let's see who makes up my list. Drumroll please...
  1. Deb, another long-time friend through blogging. I failed to tell her that I was in Eagle Rock the exact same time she was. We could have chatted the night away with some halo-halo (during winter but who cares) from Chowking.
  2. When I get the chance, I will celebrate Chinese New Year with Jaz, as we'll lunch tikoy and idiotically dance along the red dragon. Choopeta style.
  3. I would also like to tour with Lizette, and check if Dmitry really steals Victoria Secret undies during rain delays just to make his locker the subject of ATP's envy.
  4. Kat still owes me White Castles, and a stub to one of her gigs. Heh, I kid. Not really. :P
  5. And Bone, that Chino's you promised!!! Puro pagkain ata ang utang sa akin. Pa-obvious!
  6. One of the things in my to-do list is to hunt Russ down, when I come visit the Philippines. And she will have to provide me the best beach vacation there is. With blog-friend discount, of course.
  7. I've always wanted to lead a solo and yuppie life in New York. And mainly because I hate to drive. Maybe in a couple of years, I'd beg Joey for help to show me around, and hand me tips of what-and-what-nots during 5-minute intervals between subway rides.
  8. Next up... Jen. Um, I actually met her already, I just drew her name from the basket, and I didn't want to cheat so there you go. Seriously! There's some raffle going on here. ;)
  9. [ETA] For some reason, I lost Chas, but anyway... I'm aware that if there's anything we both love during the itchy season of winter, it's not just snow, it's fashion. And I would love to go to Milan, Paris, Madrid with him during fashion week someday.
  10. It was a margin of a day when Laureen and I were in the exact same place (Austin). I really wanted to meet her, in hopes of filling out the number one question before it comes around, but I wasn't able to do that due to uncooperative weather and conflicting schedules. I really hope to see her next time, perhaps next spring break, and we'll be party-ing like real single college babes during South by Southwest.
  11. Vayie is the 1 to my 10. We share the same Kris-Aquino-annoyance, and the same love for Manu Ginobili. One of the funniest persons I've met. (Well, not met, personally, but crossed paths with, if you want to get all technical up my ass.) It would be really fun to watch Ask The Dust with her, and watch her squeal to death. :P
  12. Talamasca. I haven't really known you all that much, but since your name surged from the basket, I'll just propose to you a challenge, when we get the chance to meet. How about a scrabble game only composed of curse words? Game? Lame? Really? Shit. Bitch. :))
  13. I also want to meet Shari. Because she actually knows how to live like me. Big and beautiful!
  14. And the wildcard goes to... Cruise! Ha, I'm so glad I got your name off the basket. (There really is a basket, folks!) You've been a constant visitor for years, even if we both enjoy changing addresses. And I'm actually one of the few who had the chance to know your real name. ;) I really enjoy your snapshots, and I hope your trip queue includes Texas. Because I tell you, we've got the best beef and barbecues. You'll love it here!
I apologize to those I unintentionally left out. Blame the basket! Or your luck. Til next time!


chase said...

I should have done that basket thingy as well instead of writing 25 items just to squeeze in every blogger that I remember

Kai said...

OMG!!! I drew your name, Chas! I swear!!! *sprints to edit meme*

Jen said...

Thanks Kai for droppin by and thanks for the early grad greetings!

Ang goodluck to your studies by the way. I believe youre doing great so keep it all up. ;)

Miss you.

cruise said...

kai, hehe. sobra in-active na ako, nakalimutan ko na ata mag blog, hehe. joke. thank you di ko akalain na papansinin mo pa ako kasi nga di na ako nakakapag-update. hayaan mo before the month ends mag popost ulit ako, thnx sa encouragement :)

incidentally i was able to get tourist visa to US, iipon lang ako sigurado kasama Texas sa listahan ko :)

Alternati said...

hey Kai!

I love you already. First of all, you share the name of my fave niece. Second... I love tennis and I love the Mavs (although I loved them a whole lot more when they still had Steve Nash...)

I'm a newbie reader here. I love your layout! I came across your blog before when I checked out who designed Kat's (Kat's Scribbles)pimped out new layout.

I think your dad's conspiracy theory ain't at all totally ridiculous. The whole "mafia thing" has happened in football, baseball and I think soccer even. But I dunno if it has reached our beloved tennis yet. If so, then God help us. I naively believed before that it was one of the few true sports left.

I was ecstatic you snagged the meme. :)

tani said...

i thought i was in the wrong blog... nice template again. :)

Shari said...

Okay na sana yung big eh, kaso biglang may beautiful pa. Asus. ;)

You really wrote our names down? Ayus!

Talamasca said...


That goes out to Federer! Bwahahaha.

I have to agree with your dad and brother. Sports is definitely dirty like that. Believe them.


Oh yeah, I *pink puffy heart* your brand new template. The whole thing just kicks royal ass! *clap clap clap*

Kai said...

Don't you just love wishing me luck? Hahaha, I'll update you on my GPA, doncha worry ;)

Aba, syempre, ikaw pa! At magparamdam ka ha, kung matuloy ka man. Para maka-hingi ako ng pasalubong. :))

1. YAY!!! We should be super friends!
2. I have been to your blog too, read your Heroes review via Talamasca's recommendation. Another thing we have in common, and another reason why we should be BFFs. :P
3. Seriously? Well, it was unimaginably uncharacteristic of Federer to lose to begin with, but my dad was pointing out how in each point he just had NO energy. Then that must be true. How... interesting.

Pasensya na, but thanks! :)

Of course!

I'm done. You win. I will have to think of another activity that we'd do given the chance we meet. THAT doesn't include cursing. :))

jassy said...

nice new layout. i love it!

Vayie said...

...Dang. I'm no longer updated when it comes to Tennis. Unlike before, back in College when I was a big fan of Pete Sampras. (I will never forget that game against Ivanisevic)

...Yes, I also want to meet you. Eversince you told me how much you miss Filipino food when I blogged about how my friends and I at the office would spend our early-morning-after-shifts with "Kabayan" for a bowl of Pares!

Thanks, Kai.

ish said...

kai! gusto ko rin yang survey na yan. pa sagot din..:) na miss kita! love ko layout mo parang ikaw!Ü

chase said...

Oh I would love to go on fashion week with you Kai. And also I fell inlove with your new template. Of all the templates you've made this one is the best in my opinion. Fab!

iskoo said...

wow nice and neat layout!
marunong ka ba mag tennis? turuan mo ako.

Kai said...


Oh yes!! The Pares! Your treat, ha? :P

Salamat, dear! Sure, be my guest. :)

Aw, thanks a lot! Yeah, I'll put you and that trip on my life list. I swear!

Marunong, siguro, pero ang taba ko na, hindi ko na ata kaya maglaro. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

oh i know, right. sayang that we missed each other in Austin. not to wrry, we'll meet up soon enough ;)

man, if your dad's theory is right, that'll be quite creepy. haha.

Kai said...

Or somewhere else closer. ;)

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