Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring prints.

Spring is here, my favorite season, as you all know. The cold winds, bright sun, and blossoming flowers make up for the dry, itchy, and freezing winter that irked our heels, elbows and scalps every single day. It's the perfect season for picnics, photography, lake dates (too frumpy but who cares), and outdoor yoga (whatever that means).

My prints!! Love 'em or hate 'em.

I was so excited because the pool will be a daily exercise engine again, the highways wouldn't be a battlefield anymore, and I'll be able to wear my favorite tops with no longer messing up the sleeves (that was caused by default mechanism of layered clothing). So I cleaned up my closet over spring break, stacked my winter clothes on the other side, and put the spring/summer clothes on the accessible side. But how about a major killjoy? Just when I was about to jump out with my cropped pants and hippie top, the weather had to be pissy and blow us 50-degree winds. Well, that's not saying much compared to the "spring" New York has been having, but come on, 50s are for early fall, we're supposed to be in the 70s, not some foreplay to winter! But enough with the bitching. The weather has been fairly cooperative today, and I hope that it continues to be like this the following week, 'coz I'm not going back to school with a turtleneck on. Please.

Deuce Prize!

Don't leave!!! I'm not gonna drive my fanaticism up your clueless ass yet again, nor pursuade you to obsess with me. But I just thought I'd share the news here, for women may especially be delighted by it... Wimbledon and Roland Garros decide to pay women the exact same amount of prize money given to men after years of seemingly pointless debates. The old-fashioned grandslam juggernut (Wimby) finally wakes up in the 20th century and realizes that women are already accustomed to wearing pants, driving trucks, and mowing the lawn. The French Open emulated the maneuver shortly after.

Mike and Tony debate. Who's worse, Antonella or Sanjaya?

Now that all slams have committed themselves to equal pay, someone closeminded just had to rain on the parade. Tommy Haas, currently ranked #9, bitches that men are playing 5-setters during grandslams compared to women's 3, therefore he disagrees with the decision. I guess it would have made more sense if somebody like Federer was the one contradicting it, but Haas? Um, by any chance he stumbles upon this blog, or if Lizette advices him that a certain blogger is trying to sabotage his resurging career, here's an open letter that will hopefully avert his selfish opinion.


A five-setter is never compulsory. Just play damn well and you'll easily get a win within three sets. But you're simply not the Top 5 player you were centuries ago, hence you felt the need to unmask your inner sexist and inform the world of your irrational opinion. You openly deprecate women's ability to compete to your level because they never have five setters? Well, how about playing under the exceedingly hot sun, in a crucial first round match, with only a visor helping you continue breathing while tracking the rapid yellow ball. Sharapova, as huge as she appears to be, the teenager nearly died on that match, while you were granted either an indoor court or match suspension. Just try juxtaposing Rafael Nadal's biceps to Daniela Hantuchova's legs. Let's see if that particular comparison can provide anything have your stupid argument make sense.

A female tennis fan,

Speaking of Rafa...

One more time, please. Just let me write about it. *cue soap opera music* If it displeases you, then I'll let you go. I just have to let it out!!... Ok, so I had been waiting for this match-up for YEARS!! (2 years and 3 months to be exact.) Finally, the draw worked on my horny eyes' favor and set up a semifinal clash between two of the hottest men in sports today. OMG. California desert was sizzling to death!!!

Wherever Andy's hand is remains to be an enigma.
Oh my gosh! You're totally imagining it, hahaha!

Man, was that the spring break? Gee, I'll be back in school with no stories in tow! "How's your break?" "Oh, I just watched tennis, basketball and a lot of VH1. Lame, right?" Yeah, I'll only embarrass myself. Might as well start gathering some ideas now and fabricate a cool spring break story...


aCey said...

hi, ate kai!!!!!!!! 'love the pastel stripes! and rafa's kinda hot. lol.

jassy said...

i love your prints...enjoy spring!

Kai said...

He is SUPER hot! :P

Oh, thanks!

ish said...

wow!!! nice prints!Ü i love spring also... although hinde ko nga sha naeexperience dyan.. parang iba yung aura ng panahon pag ganun!Ü

hellgod said...

I think it's just right that the women get paid equally, after all people come and pay to watch both the men's and women's matches. I actually watch women's matches more than the men's because those 5-setters turn out to be 4-hour marathons and take up too much time to watch :p

So yeah, the women deserve the equal pay.

iskoo said...

dito rin Kai, dapat summer na pero umuulan pa rin. hmmm. Miss ko na maka experience ng Spring, magagnda ang mga spring flowers tulad ng daffodils.

Talamasca said...

ZOMG don't underestimate Tommy Haas! He's my one and only favorite German citizen! Gawd, I'm hurting right now! Expect a million hate mail delivered right to your doorstep. Kbai. :-)

kat said...

your new template is aces! very spring! love the the images, your prints, and the pics! hahah...where is andy's hand? ;) --that pic is hotness!

today is a nice 60 degrees here in the east coast, but there is snow everywhere (well, ugly, melting piles of black snow).

Kai said...

Yeah, it's usually lively, sunny and bright, but it's been like Fall recently; gloomy, cloudy, very windy.

Well, I happen to watch more of men's tennis (for obvious reason, heeehee) but I won't pass the chance to celebrate the equal pay. Not just because it's common knowledge that WTA is more marketable but generally, I think women are starting to get even now in society.

I don't know anything about flowers. All I know are roses, sunflowers and gumamelas. :))

Who says I'm underestimating his athletic skills? He's no Federer, but he's in the Top 10 so that makes him one of the best. All I was saying is that, he was in no position to complain. He lets his opinion out, by you that's fine, but it robbed me the wrong and he's the one who underrates women, and as one, I just thought it was foul.

I was thinking, he was helping Rafa with his wedgie? Ow, that's a bit graphic for this family-oriented comment box, hahaha. Anyway, thanks, Kat! Only explains my lack of activities during springbreak. :)

Alternati said...

Hahaha... I am just wondering what Roddick is thinking of and why he pursed his lips. hrmmm...

I can't comprehend how equal prize money affects Haas in any way? Chauvinistic right-handed pr!ck. Federer is too Swiss to raise such an objection methinks. :P

It's hilarious you didn't compare Nadal's arms with Mauresmo's legs... Kidding! You made a stronger argument with Hantuchova. :P

P.S. I absolutely adore the new layout. I am so loving the teal. DO you do the artwork in the header yourself? I looovee it.

P.S.S. Sanjaya is worse. hehehehe... His last performance was shocking, not in a good way but in a electroshock therapy session kind've way. I am a huge Melinda and Chris R. fan. Blake is a sweetheart too. :)

chase said...

Hello dearest Kai!!! I think the colours you got on those fabrics are quite nice and very spring!!! It is also spring here and hopefully when summer comes I am thin and sexy again!!!!

Shari said...

Oh dear...If only we have spring here in the Philippines...Dream on na lang ako. Rawr!

Aaminin ko, nablanko ako dun sa iba mong binlog. Lololol!

shai said...

jusko, nakakainggit naman, sana may spring din dito diba? heheheh, ang spring lang dito eh yung spiral notebook, yugn alambre dun. hahahha, corny ko

Kai said...

Hahaha, well Amelie's kind of manly so I eliminated her as an option. Anyway, I didn't do the header, it was some vector I got somewhere I can't remember. I just added a couple of images to lengthen it and made the green teal... I LOOOVE Melinda too! And Chris R., and Jordin. I'm getting tired of Blake already, but I agree with you on Sanjaya. Worst performance EVER! :))

Good luck on that! As for me, I can't wish similarly, it's a longshot, haha. But I'll enjoy Spring just the same.

Manood ka ng Tennis, nakakabuhay. Haha!

HAHAHAHAHA! Bruha ka talaga!