Saturday, March 24, 2007

A public figure for 3 years.

It all started when an emotional outburst striked my Saturday night (or was it Friday? Sorry, was bit tipsy) that had me looking over the internet for some outlet of major spasms. I was chatting it up with Jo, extremely spazzed out herself, as we tangoed our way to LiveJournal. The website was having its own periodical distraught that we couldn't stand the labyrinth of signing up, hence we settled for blogdrive. It was my home for the remainder of the year, until I discovered blogspot, through Ate Clare. And here I am. With my 107th URL. But who cares.

For three years I've developed from a lousy fangirl writer to a candid, witty yet very sophisticated (give it to me, it's my anniversary!) blogger that loves to argue and hates to agree. My topics have varied from squealing over some Korean walking chopstick to drooling over one certain bicep-bearing specimen. And much to my surprise, a lot of you have enjoyed my imbecilic writing when you could simply turn away or leave a "fuck off" note in my wisecrack box. So I thank you. From the bottom of my bacon-wrapped heart.

So, let's see... I have nothing else to write actually, but I want to make smart use of this time and space that solely commemorate my three years of presence in this community. And since I can only do this once a year, I think I'm licensed to display the uttermost narcissism, and you will have to put up with it for the rest of your daily Kai-dosage.

On style...
I don't have a style whatsoever. I blog as I talk. And just so you know, I don't have any accent. At all. I talk just like any Midwesterner, but I have tendencies of sounding Southern with the infectious "y'all," and like a valley girl with the use of "like," which I have been emphatically avoiding. I don't talk clearly, as my peers would say, I kind of swallow my words. But they suck ass, 'coz I know I'm a good communicator. Just like Jael from ANTM Cycle 8.

On topics...
As I've said, my topics have varied over the years. There was a time that all I was blogging about was everything Asian. I so got addicted to Meteor Garden and the likes that I would blog about it every single day eventhough I knew that all my readers were watching the exact same thing I just did. Then morphed into the new image of being miss page six, as Kat used to call me. With being sidelined from school, and being jobless, and the lack of interesting events to write about, I settled on TV shows, showbiz gossips, and red carpet fashion to entertain those who continually visit my blog. It was entertaining at one point but I eventually got tired of it. After all, it was always Paris Hilton dominating the news and I hate her, and her skankiness, so I just had to stop before I get a heart attack. And now, this blog has grown into the most impertinent hodgepodge of all. What blogger talks like John McEnroe one day and Joel McHale the next? Only me! :P

On overused words...
It would have to be "I," but that's a given. So I guess it's gotta be "seriously." I had a huge crush on Apolo Anton Ohno two years ago that I subconsciously adapted his overusage of the word, which, I assume, was primarily caused by his personal obsession over McDreamy and Grey's Anatomy.

On blog-linkage...
This might be weird but I prefer asking for link exchanges than being asked. For some reason, I don't find my blog worthy enough of admirers that it irks the heck out of me each time a random passerby asks for an exchange. Not that I mind, I actually greatly appreciate the maneuver. It's just that, I think it's best if I make the first move. Internet only, not available in stores.

On cursing...
I don't have a problem with cursing, nor with blogs which have the word "fuck" all over it. It actually entertains me even. Those bloggers who choose to be discreet with their choice of cuss words are fine, I respect their personal restrictions. But I believe that we, the cursing-machines, have a lot more fun with blogging. Because not only we are more spontaneous at it, we get to vent out whatever fuckage we feel inside without being cordial, which doesn't make sense to begin with when you're supposed to sound agitated, right?. So thumbs up to online cursing! Just caution your kids regarding my blog, 'coz apart from curse words, I have countless sexual references on it. Remotely not family-oriented.

On communities and awards...
I joined Ricebowls just around the time I started blogging, to generate hits, I guess. But I found it pointless, so I ditched it and forgot about the groupies shenanigans. I mean, I blog just for the heck of it, and I enjoy it as is. As for those awards thingamaboob and stuff, I think it's too intricate for me. So don't ever nominate me for those shit or I'll pummel your ass like never before.

On life on the radar...
Just as my site title indicates, I'm very reserved when it comes to my personal life. I'm not a celebrity, nor the kind considered to be an actual "public figure" but I've practiced maintaining that blanket of privacy in fear of exposing my personal relationships. But I think I've kind of bended that unwritten rule over time, especially when chaos conquers our very home. So chaotic that I had to categorize it and dedicate one particular section for it on my blog. But that's just for domestic purposes. I still refuse to hold discussions about my past boylets, flings, and birthday prostitutes. ;)

If you have read this introduction, you should notice that I'm celebrating three days earlier than dated. While it doesn't really matter, I thought I'd explain why. I have been bombarded with lab work, Algebraisms, and career-choice dilemmas that would potentially prevent me from posting this on the 27th, so I hope you don't mind. *confetti rain*

Once again, thanks to all of you who have patiently put up with me all these years. I can't wait to start another three years with y'all. Que horror! :))


Talamasca said...

Happy blogiversary!!! *offers a virtual cake* It sure feels great reminiscing, doesn't it?

Congrats on having stuck to blogging for another year! It's always a pleasure to drop by and read and comment! And in all honesty, you're one of my favorite bloggers so I guess you gotta be thankful for that. Tee hee.

Well, three cheers for making it through a year in Blogland! :-)

Vayie said...

Happy Anniversary Kai!

I don't know if I already told you this but what I really like about your blog (or you, perhaps) is the pinch of sarcasm in every post. (I hope that sounded right). It's just that, when you write with a hint of sarcasm - readers tend to think.

Kai said...

I AM thankful! Thanks, dude! You're one of my favorites too, as if you didn't know that already. ;)

Ow, thanks! I'll take that as a compliment. But it's not everyday that I'm sarcastic. I can be so annoying if that is to happen, hehe. But thanks, Vayie! I really appreciate it. :)

Jennie said...

happy anniversary! and here's to more years of awesome blogging :D

chase said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hahaha i got addicted to Meteor Garden too! I like Paris Hilton since I am a skank like her. Okay I am just joshing.

Jaz said...

A grand toast to the celebrant! =) Happy Anniv!

And oh, I really have to say this....I looooove your blog & everything it represents =)

cher kulet said...

wow.. happy anniversary!!! :)

Kai said...

Thanks, girl!

Skank? Hmm. Sumbong kita kay Odd, hehe.

Ow, Jaz. You've been one of my oldest blogfriends. Thanks for keeping up with me! :D


bone said...

you rock, kai.
thats why your blog reached 3 years. tatanda pa yan.
HAPPY BDAy to your blog.

Shari said... really are a candid, witty, and very sophisticated blogger!!! *nods head* :p

In more ways than one, I am like you. Except that I never got addicted to Meteor Garden. And I don't even know who McEnroe and McHale are. I do know McDo though. Does he count? LOL. Hate Paris Hilton too. ;)

I rarely rarely rarely ask for a link exchange. I link the blogs I like until they get surprised that they're linked. Haha.

I'll keep that cursing part in mind. I will blog someday with the title "Fuck", and use fuck every other word. Yay!

Gawd. How I wish I've said the same thing about the awards thingie before. *sighs* But haha, since I won't die just because of it, okay na siguro. Kung votation lang naman din at hindi "judging" kuno. ;)

raissa said...

Happy anniversary to you and your blog. I really enjoy reading your posts because I find a lot of common things with you. MG, GA and Apolo Anton Ohno? LOL watching DWTS?? Keep on blogging =)

Alternati said...

Hey, Three years! Jeez... Happy Anniversary! I don't know how my blog would sound like 3 years from now.

Hahaha... I so remember that Grey's Anatomy episode with the exceptional overuse of "seriously", I pariculary like it when Izzy does it. Very snarky.

I've only been a reader for a relatively short time but I so so love the way you blog. I like blogs that sound like a person thinking... I dunno if I'm making sense, but it's like having a transcript of your thoughts all straight and tangential blabber in one continuous outburst. hehe... And it gets even better with a Marat reference every now and then. :P

Again, Happy Leather Anniversary! (I looked leather up on anniversary gifts. hehe... very S&M :P )

kat said...

happy happy blog-a-versary! i luuurve your blog, miss page six! seriously.

it has everything you'd want in a blog --entertaining posts, witty observations, snarky commentary, and everything in between. love it!

i don't even remember how i got to your site, but i thank the stars that i did! you are one multi-talented chica!


p.s. i totally didn't know there are no white castles over there! OMG! would you settle for a sonic card? email me your addy!

p.p.s. jael is so intriguing to me. but what is up with the slurred speech?! and can you believe she's half black?

iskoo said...

happy blogsary, ikaw pa halos nasubaybayan ko ang blog mo, oks na oks ka! mabuhay and maraming blogs years ba darating sayo.

Tani said...

your candidness is quite refreshing actually.

jassy said...

nice music sa background. i started sa myspace, nagtry din sa xanga pero di ko feel, nagblogdrive din ako.

keep on writing because i enjoy reading your posts!

Kai said...

I agree, my blog will go forever as my life bores to death, hehehe. Thanks, bru!

Sige na nga, hehe. Thanks! About the cursing thing. I'm not saying that saying the F word every chance you get entertains me. I think you missed the point. All I was saying is that cursing helps expressing emotions on written form. Anyway, so my blog isn't one of your favorites yet? Gee, that's heartbreaking. But I'll work on it. Trust me!

I mean, who would resist a guy in tights, right? Hahaha. YES, I'm watching DWTS! And he's surprisingly SO good!

LOVE Izzie! And her "rockstar," as the new "seriously," hehe. Oh yeah, I blog as I think and talk, so you totally get me. Thank you so much, Alternati! I told you, we should be superfriends. Like tight! :P

**will continue replying after my next class. I'm running late! Thanks again, you guys. You rock!

Kai said...

And I love you and your blog back! It's been quite also a while since we've started exchanging thoughts, right? So glad you kept up with me, Kat! Jael is? Wouldn't have thought so since she came in platinum blonde. Slurred speech? Ouch! Haha, I don't think I talk like her at all, but a friend of mine pointed out the similarity, and it alarms me! Hahaha. And oh, Kat, please. I'm trying to be on a diet so don't worry about the White Castles. And I have like a lifetime subscription to Sonic so don't worry about that either. ;) *HUGS*

Salamat, bro. Sana 'wag ka magsawa. :P

Yeah? Thanks! I think everyone should be. I mean, erase hypocrisy, right? Haha, gumawa ba ng slogan? :))

You like it? It's Butterfly Boucher, she's really awesome! Anyway, thanks, Jassy. You've been really loyal. :)

shai said...

happy anniversary! grabe, tagal ko na palang pinagtyatyagaan tong blog mo! heheheh =p

but seriously, this is so far one of the best blogs I've ever read. and when i say best, mga apat lang yung nsa list ko, so dapat flattered ka. at chaka syempre, friends naman tayo outside the blogging world eh, friends nga ba, feeling close lang ata!.. bwahhahaha!

cruise said...

tagal ko na ring nababasa mga post mo, tagal mo na sa blogworld, sana maging cnsistent ako kagaya mo. wala ka ba balak mag wordpress? :)

Talamasca said...


Ok buhbye. ;-p

evi said...

cheers to your third year in the blogosphere!

Kai said...

Uy, ano ka ba, matagal na tayong friend, ano, hindi lang FC, hehe. Ikaw pa, may connect ka kay Chronic, hahaha! Salamat, mare. :)

I wanted to transfer there before but I couldn't stand the standard layouts they offer, and there's no option of tweaking them even, so I don't think so. Unless I pay for a domain or whatnot, but that's unlikely. Bakit, ano bang meron sa wordpress, hehe. But thanks bro, you've been one of my favorites too!

Tapos na!

Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

happy belated anniversary, kai!!!

i really do enjoy your blog entries. they are always entertaining :) cheers to more years in the blogosphere :)

Kai said...

Thanks, girl!! Cheers to us, Texan bloggers ;)