Thursday, September 14, 2006

Adios, Summer!

In a few days time, Fall will once again be dominant in the annual season rotation, and at last, boring TV season will finally bid bye-bye. These American Idol slot fillers truly made up my most boring Summer yet, and I can't be thankful enough.

Rockstar: Supernova was really good. But. I fuckin' hated the finale. I know, you know, they know. Dilana should have won. So what the hell was that? I don't dislike Lucas as a being, but I think his weekly (or daily) use of make-up is extremely queer, and his performing skills are nothing but epileptic. And he looks like this person I can't stand from the MTV Challenges. In other words, he's not unique as what the show exhibited him to be, whereas Dilana is the entertainer extraordinaire, hence my bulging nerves at the moment. Ugh!!! Hated it. I wouldn't really buy their album, just like how I snobbed INXS last year, but if it were Dilana fronting them, I would have thought twice.


Apart from enjoying the summer fillers, and welcoming the comebacks of the old standards (Anatomy, Housewives, Lost, etc.), there are also some new series worth anticipating.

Everyone's familiar with Betty La Fea, right? I was a huge fan of that show when it was shown in the Philippines a long time ago, hence my over enthused approach to its American version, towed by no less than Salma Hayek (who I adore). Literally translated as Ugly Betty, I got the chance to see a preview of it last night, and shall I say, America Ferrera (popularized by her role in this movie) is such an effective ugly duckling. I won't predict it to be as huge as the other ABC ratings-hoggers, but I think that this is attractive enough, especially for those who are battling image and confidence crises. Gosh, I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, haha, but you know what I mean.

But out of all the upcoming shows, Studio 60 is the obvious favorite, with its torchbearer, Matthew Perry (or Chandler, as he's better known as). The premise of this one is simply put, the behind-the-scene dramajigs of a live comedy show, say Saturday Night Live. Storyline is apparently very captivating, thus the gaganess of critics over it. Seems like with Chandler back on NBC, you possibly can't go wrong. I'm reserving a DVR spot for this potential smash hit.

And can I just insert this? Rafael Nadal during Clay season, or even not, is one of my favorite schedule fillers of all time! Hahaha, I'm obsessed with this man! Freakin' fangirl moment. =))

Long hair. Biceps. Accent. Squee!!!

I'm quite excited for Fall, not just because there's some good TV on the way, but the cleaning will be set aside for the next two seasons. Hahaha, a simple delight for a lazy-assed like myself. Gee. I wish life is too easy that it only consists of watching TV. Sigh.


iskoo said...

tree turn gold during fall right, nice subject for photography.

we dont have fall here, why did you say that cleaning will be set aside during this season?

Anonymous said...

di naman halatang mahilig ka sa tv.. oo, hindi talaga. lol.
ooh yesterday it drizzled and ya maybe thats a sign that summer's over huh? hayy i hate heat waves but i dont wanna be wearing sweaters everday din naman.. i wish its spring already. how 'bout you? whats ur fave season, kai?
btw, thanks sa bati.


laureen said...

woah, Dilana IS good - and she's from houston...Texas pride. haha. sayang.

yup, Ugly Betty and Studio 60 have intrigued me as well & i can't wait to catch them on prime time.

Nadal is such a cutie. hehe "Everyday I'm trying" *weeee* hehe.

enjoy the weekend, kai!

Kai said...

Actually, it's red, not gold, which looks better, I might add. Why would cleaning be set aside? Well, during Fall, households here let the leaves clutter the yards, and it's the same way until Winter. What's the point of cleaning if everyday it'd be the exact same amount of mess, right? So that's it, cleaning the yards will resume earlier in Spring. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Obvious, ba? Hahaha! Yeah, I've also had enough of the heat. Naku, mas matindi dito sa TX, 'no. Hehe. My favorite season would have to be Spring, the earlier part. 'Cuz it's super sunny during that time, but the air is still a little breezy. Parang Pilipinas. =)

She's originally from South Africa, hence the accent, but she's been living here for quite sometime now. Apparently, Gilby Clarke and Dave Navarro will help her pursue her solo career, and I greatly hope that pushes through, 'cuz she's amazing, isn't she? Hahaha, don't you just love Rafa? Gosh. I'm willing to tutor him English for free. I swear! Hahahaha. =p

Anonymous said...

Ohh oh kai, you have yummy stuff here! rafa & co. hahaha

I lurv your new skin BTW And you designed it Wow!

Have a nice weekend! take care!!


tani said...

it's so good to see matthew perry again. i miss chandler...

Kai said...

I knoooow! Isn't he just...lush? Hahahahaha! Thanks, darling. I appreciate it. You have a fabulous weekend too! =)

Who doesn't miss Chandler? Hehe, it's awesome to see him back on TV. Let alone, in a potentially good series.

shai said...

hi Kai, okay lang ako mare, i'm coping up..

salma hayek as betty la fea? hmmmm, now im curious....

Debbie said...

yup fall is here...almost. i like it how it gets cold...i miss it so much. i'm done with the scorching heat. time for sweaters and jackets...

anyway..hope you enjoy all those those. for me i'm waiting for gilmore girls premiere, ano pa ba...America's next top model too...

ok enjoy! tak care

Kai said...

Glad to hear that. If anything else happens, dito lang ako, ha? BTW. Si America Ferrera si Betty, Salma Hayek produces. :)

Me too! Well, winter here is obviously so much colder than in Cali, so I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. Nevertheless, I like thick clothing and all. Excited for shopping? Hehe. Yeah, Top Model! I can't wait for that as well.

charles ravndal said...

I saw Betty La Fea before as well but in the end she became pretty right

Vayie said...

A lot of people I know loved the Fall. Don't you?

Anyways, I wasn't able to watch ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA. It wasn't that interesting and as exciting as ROCKSTAR: INXS last year.

ish said...

thanks for droppin by my blog kahit leave ako sa bloggin world hehehe... il be back soon! :) HKG disney kai!!:)

Anonymous said...

I tag you kai dear! see details;)


Jen said...

hi Kai.. oh well, i also rooted for Dilana to be the next Supernova's lead. i was surprised when they announced that it was Lukas instead. but i like Storm Large more than Dilana. hehe :D

and have u watched Unforgiven? miss yah..

Anonymous said...

your comment box is working perfectly with me today....goodie! i just hope it doesn't act up on me again tomorrow, or the day after...

there's a betty la fea sort of a tv series showing here in 'pinas lately, i think it's called Bakekang. its storyline (which i don't know yet) centers on the character 'Bakekang' played by Sunshine Dizon...and man, she's really really really *unpretty* in that teleserye


Kai said...


I like Fall a lot. My 2nd favorite season.

Apparently, it's already fixed. I believe you can already post with your blogger id here. (: