Thursday, September 21, 2006

They're McBACK!

Caution: Fangirl moment ito.

My favorite guilty pleasure is back! Squeeeee! I'm extra enthusiastic about it, no doubt, but what's up with the constant flashbacks? Kinda lost me there, pun intended. Nevertheless, it was a relief to welcome back my Mcfavorite TV show EVER. Seriously!

Hence the new McLayout. Nahawa na ako kay Meredith, haha. I know it's not much different from the previous one, but what the heck, when McDreamy stands in the middle of it all, I just can't ask for anything more. Hahaha! [Note to Kat, and only for Kat: you can download the layout here, have no idea where to send it so there. It's ready to use, just put your haloscan code and edit the sidebar widgets with your info and stuff. (;]

And since I'm already talking about television...

Monday is a busy TV day for this household, brother's a Prison Break freak, father is fond of Howie Mandel's punchable antics, and everybody religiously watches Monday Night Raw. In other words, there's no more space left for yet another program. But I had the chance to see the rookie of the year contender, Studio 60, via its replay telecast on Bravo (thank God for Bravo!). I'll simply say that it's really really good. Brilliant could be an overstatement, but the pilot just brought everything a pilot episode should have, unlike Six Degrees which I unfortunately spent 12 minutes of my time with (to my defense, it immediately followed Grey's Anatomy).

Anyway, Studio 60 is Aaron Sorkin's (A Few Good Men) new masterpiece, and with an Emmy nominated writer in control, you can only anticipate the most creative juices. And he indeed delivered. As I've said, the story of this series revolves around the drama behind a live comedy sketch show which is seemingly much similar to what Sorkin has done in The West Wing's whitehouse. The actors were just as good too. Amanda Peet, who outshone everyone, was just exceptionally flawless in a character that could be all disoriented under pressure in reality which she made look (or more likely as what she was told to do) very calm and professional. Nonetheless, acting, collectively, was very impressive, and overall, a ratings-hogger in the making.

There's another new show that gets heatraves from the critics. Saw the trailer of it, quite intriguing, but it's on a freakin' Monday!!! Why do all the fantastic shows have to be parading during this day? I mean, what about Tuesday next time? Seriously.


RennyBA said...

The Queer Chef pimped me here and I'm glad course you gave me a lot of good example of good movies to watch this weekend!
Hello from Norway wishing you a great end to your week:-)

Nan said...

The Queer Chef pimped me here - Weee I am also totally addicted to Greys Anatomy - It is such a great show. I am looking very forward to this season :D

Laureen said...

i love your blog's color right about now, kai. hehe.

i was able to see the Studio 60 pilot. it was pretty good...looks like i'll have something to watch this season. i used to religiously watch Medium, & it hasn't returned yet. drats. i was hoping to get to watch Six Degrees coz the trailer looked pretty good, but i forgot when it was on. haha. pathetic.

bone said...

waaaah!! tv, kai.. TV!! friggin tttttttttttttvvvvvvvv!! thank god for the invention of tv! =)

Teena said...

I liked "Studio 60". I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

Debbie said...'s mcdreamy! i know i'd definitely like this show but i just couldn't seem to have the chance to watch it.

so you got tivo? thought your dad cancelled it? anyway, good for you, it really is so much better to tivo shows.

ok bye for now..

Kai said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Actually, they're TV shows. But go ahead and looks for Grey's Anatomy. You're going to enjoy it. Have fun this weekend too! (:

Yay, another fan! Isn't it just so good? Probably the best show on earth, for me at least. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks! I heard Medium's being syndicated, I just don't know if true. Studio 60 was really good. I'm so glad to see Chandler back, most especially in a promising show like this.

Haha, right on! Dude, if you haven't been watching Grey's Anatomy, I suggest you start now. Been watching it since it first came out, and I've never been this loyal to a freakin' TV show (well, apart from Idol). Hehe!

I doubt that. The premiere itself was a ratings booster, and I'm confident that this will stay for at least a couple more seasons. (:

Actually, my dad cancelled Comcast and replaced it with Dish, and it's just a DVR not the TiVo. But you know, "tivo" has been the general term for it, so I just use it anyway, haha. What's your cable, Deb? Maybe you can ask for a DVR, it's not that pricey. And it really does help, hehe. You're really gonna love this show. It's just got everything in it. Diversity, comedy, romance, everything. Sobrang benta, 'no? Haha.

jassy said...

wow...grey's anatomy is back. i remember liking it so much but house really won me. i like the song though. have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I also love Grey's Anatomy. The 3rd season isn't here yet though. But the reruns and the DVD releases are good enough for me for now.
- Tani

Kai said...

I like House too, but I don't get to watch it that often. You can watch both though, I think you're gonna enjoy Grey's too!

Oh, you're gonna love the premiere. It was jampacked with flashbacks, but kind of helped the whole plot, I guess. =)

Kat said...

oh i HEART grey's anatomy! the premiere was very good! and i so HEART tivo as well for changing my life and letting me watch all my faves in the priority that i want!

i'm also looking forward to HEROES (hope it lives up to the hype!) and UGLY BETTY! can't wait!

(p.s. got your msg about the template! thanks so much! would you mind emailing me the code? --salamat girl!)

Kai said...

OMG, the premiere was just, ugh! I had to record it while watching it so I could rewatch it. LOL! I can't wait for Heroes too, seems like a really good show. And Ugly Betty! I can't wait. =) I sent it to your gmail last night, but I sent it to your hotmail anyway. You're always welcome!