Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Seven Songs

As I've recently said, songs and myself have a lifelong turbulent yet propitious relationship. It has its commonly uncanny ways of swaying my emotions in a certain way or another. However, not all songs were made to compensate strong affection with comfort, but some just exist to entertain, and entertain alone.

I was tagged by Cheh with this relatively easy survey regarding seven songs that I currently enjoy listening to. I actually thought I'll have the hardest time making up my list because I'm very picky with songs and I don't really like most of the pop mainstream nowadays, but good thing the survey only asks me to list seven songs I love, for just whatever reason, and indeed, that's what I'll do.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
Aged rock (not the Metallica kind) never grows old on me. Numerous hits from Styx, Foreigners, Toto, and a few more others are simply ageless to my ears. But this song is just the anthem for me. I mean, who seriously doesn't know this song?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Don't you just love singing the rock part of it inside the car? Oh gawd, I'm so guilty. I'd even attempt to hit that crazy high note, "for meeee" no matter how bulgy my neck veins get. Hahaha!

Why (cover) by Kelly Clarkson
I love the original, sure, but Kelly's special to me, and without surprise, she did this song justice.

You Learn by Alanis Morissette
I was an Alanis freak in the late 90s, even amidst false reports of her songs being demonic, which was so stupid, btw. As we all know, she has a long list of smash hits back in the day, but You Learn is simply rational, hence it's my favorite.

Gold Digger
by Kanye West
I just never get tired of this song, plus the broke-broke dance step is very catchy, ala otcho-otcho. Seriously. You can only imagine my pathetic efforts of pulling it off. *lol*

Somos Novios by Andrea Bocelli feat. Katharine McPhee
Now for the softer side, haha. I appreciate classical music, and Andrea Bocelli is no exception. Obviously, it's in Spanish, but even with my limited espanol, I managed to memorize the lyrics in a matter of 2 days just by repeatedly listening to it. Seriously, it's that beautiful!

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Everybody loves a British rock band, seems to be the trend. But I've been a fan of Keane since the emergence of my personally preferred genre, soft rock, or alternative as what it's commonly known. Above all their songs, this one stands out as my ultimate favorite. I just feel like it's sooo me. So me.

DONE! ...On a totally irrelevant note... Apparently, the Blogger commenting system is finally working perfectly. I tested it earlier, commented on non-beta blogs, and it seemed to be working flawlessly. I hope y'all won't have problems here any longer. [source]

Oh, and before I forget.

As always, I'm supposed to tag another seven to do the exact same survey, but I think I've bothered people enough, haha. So just snag it if y'all feel like doing this. Mi casa es su casa. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the tag dearie! Good to know that we can get along really well in music department:)


Anonymous said...

BTW aliw ako doon sa Planchadora tales mo, so hilarious! Yung mama mo at mama ko hindi kaya sila kambal?? hahaha

have a nice thursday! tc!


Kai said...

You're welcome, dear. I had fun doing it. And about our moms, haha, I don't know, are they supposed to be like that at certain situations? Because I don't want to be unreasonable when I become one, lol. Have a fun Thursday too! =)

charles ravndal said...

I agree on the dance step of Gold digger... so catchy!

Debbie said...

off topic lang ako....
kainis wla palang PR last night! you know that feeling when you desperately need that regular caffeine dose but coudn't? that's how I felt..haha buti nalang may ANTM!

i'm definitley rooting for michael now!...i want to see angela and jeffrey or uli on the final three or four.

ok til next post!

Debbie said...

laura pala! gosh..

iskoo said...

gusto ko din yan bohemian rhapsody, sinasabayan habang nag te-treadmill.

Kai said...

Hahaha, ang sakit sa batok, ano? LOL.

I Tivo-ed ANTM, haven't watched it yet. Controversial daw yung photoshoot, a? Um, ano nanaman kaya ang issue. Anyway, I can't wait for PR! Kita mo na yung teaser? May twist daw. Baka silang 4 na sa Fashion Show, or di kaya 2 na lang magfa-finals? Gee. I hope it's both Michael and Uli! *crosses fingers*

Hahaha, sabay sa "ooooh yeah!" part? =))

Laureen said...

i love "somewhere only we know" =) isn't it just beautiful? hehe.

i love Alanis, too! do you remember that contest they had in one of the variety shows (can't remember if it was channel 2 or 7) when they held a singing contest with Alanis-Morisette-hopefuls singing her songs with the matching uber-long black hair. i wanted to join so bad. haha.

Kai said...

Was it on the APO lunchtime show? Hahahaha, of course I remember that. Alanis was just the rock goddess that time, right? Gotta love her. Oh boy, Somewhere Only We Know. It's just so special. Plus the fact that the vocalist is quite cute doesn't hurt too, lol.