Wednesday, September 27, 2006


As I've earlier stated, there's another tv show that intrigued me with its premise, hence I had to watch it. Assumably, I thought Heroes is nothing but a glitch, but I was wrong. This is in no way an X-men clone, nor an ordinary product of fiction. It is simply an impressive narration of what could possibly happen in the future, say year 4k, considering the rapid evolution of human technology today.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being fictionally farsighted, right?

This action packed drama chronicles a set of random everyday people who gradually discover their individual paranormal abilities. The thing that differs this from the one-dimensional supernatural stories is that these characters don't exist as superheroes in which they had to dutifully utilize their superpowers to be always on the good side. As exhibited in the pilot, there are certain characters who aren't necessarily orthodox, say Nikki Sanders, who happens to strip for a living and suddenly became a subconscious killer with the use of her extraordinary prowess. On top of that, this show injects realism in a superb way that would allow viewers to perceive a possible future of superpowers being an organic element in a human's life.

Overall, I'm highly impressed with the direction, writing, and partially, acting too. I liked it and the premiere certainly made me crave for another episode. I will try to watch this on a regular basis, but I'm not sure if this is something I'd be an avid fan of, just like I am with Grey's Anatomy, and currently, Studio 60. But this is definitely a breakout hit of the season, a new program worth of its one-hour timeslot in network television.

On other boobtube chuvaloos...

I can't be more excited for Project Runway 3's finale. I don't read spoilers, although I have to admit that I took a sneak peak at the final four's respective collections (is that even considered a spoiler? Oh well). I believe Deb and I are gunning for the same set of finalists, but since there's a twist (according to them Bravo teasers), we might be getting a four-way showdown, or perhaps a one-on-one. And if that suspended twist wasn't enough torture, there are recent meganews about Laura Bennett apparently accused Jeffrey Sebelia of cheating and/or stealing. Hmm, maybe I was wrong when I said that this season is possibly the sleaziest so far, hehe.

I've been an avid viewer of Desperate Housewives since it premiered a couple of Octobers ago, but season two was beyond disappointing compared to the first installment. However, my faith on televised neighborhood nitty gritty was back on after watching its third season premiere last Sunday. Some new characters debuted, and the pending dramas resumed. What I liked most about the season premiere was the main focus was on Bree's engagement with Orson, who killed his previous wife, and the same person who sent Mike into coma for some mysterious reason. Old storylines -- Susan/Mike, the Solises and Shaomei and the Lynette-Tom-Nora triangle -- overlap one after the other, but not to an extent that it overshadowed the most interesting story of the show, this whole Bree-Orson love affair. With Orson in tow, and a new love interest for Susan, while Mike is still in coma, and Shaomei eventually giving birth, I foresee this season to be more entertaining than ever.

And for those outside of the US, and are interested in watching episodes presently airing here, they are now available online (not for Project Runway, unfortunately). Yeps, no need to wait hours of torrent-ing, hehe. Just click the respective links to the shows above, and voila! Enjoy. =)

So much for a Wednesday afternoon. It's been cold the past few days, which is good, but I've been bored to death. As if you didn't already know that. I've been endlessly voting for Rafael Nadal in this certain poll (help me!!!) to ease this dullness. But I guess I'll play some basketball later, or perhaps cook pasta for dinner. Oh boy, if it weren't for television, I'd be Terrell-Owens-depressed by now. Hahaha, kidding. Whatever happened to that Cowboy, I hope he reconsiders continuing his young life. After all, he was paid lotsa bucks to play for this city. What in the world! I gotta go now. See you later, bitches!


Debbie said...

are you talking about their sneak peak at bravo online? i've seen it too...and i'm liking jeffrey's and michael's. i'm surprised about jeffrey's designs, i thought he'd go hardcore rock and roll all the way...haha anyway, definitely rooting for michael now. who's your final pick? haha can't wait!

Kai said...

Oh, they have it online? I didn't see it there, saw it via getty images. I also liked Jeffrey's but I thought Laura's was more ambitious. I don't know who I'm gonna pick, of course I still like Uli, but I think Michael's gonna win it. =)

Kat said...

OMG! I just saw Runway last night, and for a hot minute, I thought they would kick out Michael! Glad all 4 of them are showing (or rather, showed already). I was very disappointing w/ Michael's line during fashion week --I had such high expectations for him! But I also like Jeffrey. I like Laura's designs the least since I think it's already been done, but here collection was fabulous!

Heroes is still on my TiVO, but I'm looking fwd to watching it! And I haven't see DH yet either! Glad it's going well though! But Grey's rocks!

bone said...

Heroes sounds intriguing.. u really know your tv well, kai. thats good good news for me coz at least i wont have to press on Guide every now and then hehe.
oh i lurve that rafael nadal thingy you clipped on your sidebar! for that smile and my love for you girl, im voting for him. =)

Kai said...

Haha, I was super scared too! I would take Michael over Jeffrey any day, but I'm so glad all four of them made it to FW. Well, they indeed did, but at least we'll see all their collections on TV, hehe. I really adored Uli's dress, I wasn't really surprised. I'm torn between the collections though, I liked Jeffrey's the best, but I don't want him to win. I liked Uli's too, at least, there's not a lot of prints, haha. But I was disappointed in Michael's. Sorry but they looked slutty. Oh gosh, Deb's gonna kill me, hahaha!

OMG!!! I love you, Bone!!! Thank you, thank you! Actually, Rafa's fans are even taking turns on voting, Europeans sa gabi, mga taga dito sa umaga, haha! Thanks, girl! =p

Nan said...

Uhh I can't wait until Desperate Housewives starts season 3 here in Denmark. I have high hopes for the 3rd season. Season 2 didn't dissapoint me much - I adore Bree :D

cruise said...

thank you for posting about heroes. dont know if it will be aired also here in Phils, but i will try to download it from internet.

iskoo said...

oo nga sana avaialble yan sa internet, makikidownload na rin ako, hehehe

Kai said...

I think this season will be way better than the 2nd one. The season premiere just knocked it out of the park for me. You'll love it, for sure. :)

Yeah, it's something I know you'll definitely enjoy.

Actually, streaming not download. Much easier ;)

Laureen said...

i absolutely loved the last Project Runway four, baby! hehe. i'm still rooting for michael, though.

i still haven't seen last week's episode of Desperate Housewives. it's still in my DVR, though. i've been really busy...haven't even had time to blog. *sigh*

Kai said...

Yeah, you obviously had been pretty busy. I hope you still catch up on some good TV. I don't want you to miss anything, hehe.