Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Planchadora Tales

If anything inside this four-walled cell makes my life less boring, it's gotta be my chore of ironing everyone's clothes in a weekly basis. I don't like it, but once I'm at it, I enjoy it. After all, aircon or heater is always on, I'm sitting down while doing it, infront of the television, and with, occasionally, a bag of chips. In other words, I'm comfortable enough, so I can't really complain.

But for me to keep myself from bitching about it, I gotta have a good set of tools in order to keep up with this recurrent task. I've been complaining about the iron and ironing board, respectively, since last year, but nobody cared to listen. My parents would just go, "pwede pa yan!" motioning for me to continue using them, even if I'm already having a difficult time. But as the uber patient daughter that I naturally am, I did exactly what I was told. I even stopped thinking that they'd ever hear my plea, until my mom used the iron herself in which it suddenly bursted out electric sparks. Told you, it's time for a new one. And so my father got me a new iron to work with.

However, the iron wasn't my only problem. The ironing board's feet which are now severely unbalanced is making the task extra hard for me, and so, I once again tried voicing it out... yet again, to no avail. What did I get instead? A handful of some-some, you know what I mean.

And it unquestionably pissed. me. off.

I love my mother. Sure. But there are certain times when I feel like I act like her age, and she acts like she's me. I told her, in such a desperate tone, that we need a new kabayo, then she unhesitatingly replied, "pagchagaan mo muna 'yan". I would try, had I not been complaining about it for more than a year. That fuckin' kabayo can even barely stand, that's why I've been begging for a replacement. But she wouldn't listen. It's as if the clothes I'm dealing with are all mine, when mostly, it consists of her srubs. And yes. My mom's a nurse, and she can't buy me a freakin' ironing board. I know. She doesn't earn much, right?

I would understand if she's strictly saving some bucks, and wouldn't want to spend on unplanned expenses. I can still wait. But if she can afford to buy plastic flowers through craigslist, then not this useful gadget that can very well benefit the people in this house altogether, we definitely got a problem. It's not like I'm asking her to buy me a plasma tv or something.


Vayie said...

I feel you! I mean, my mommy and I aren't really best friends. We fight a lot.

When I'm on my wits' end, I would just think that we only put up with each other because if we don't, who else will?

But you really have a point there. I mean, if she doesn't have the time (or maybe the "funds") to buy a new ironing board or kabayo then she could just say it forthrightly. But she has to understand that ironing (which, by the way is my hatest household chore) is a lot harder with a defective kabayo.

I guess you just have try and tell her again. She might listen. Just might.

yayam said...

yeah..sometimes mothers can be like that..they can be so kuripot when we ask, but then when they want something, they dont think twice. pero pera naman nila yun..:p

Kat said...

hahha....funny. the least they can do is spring for a new plancha for you! i can't remember the last time i ironed anything and when that happened, i know it came out wrinkled!

by the way, i luuurve this new skin of yours! i may have to steal it!! you think you can let me use it once you're done with it? pretty please with a cherry on top?! =D

tani said...

i think there are ironing mats you can place on the kabayos that heat the reverse side of say the shirt surface you're running the iron on... so that you won't have to flip it 'cause it's already been ironed out... makes ironing easy and faster.
ironing is one of those things you can do while on "auto-pilot".. you're thinking something else while doing the task itself. :) never mind that darn uneven legs...

Jen said...

Kai.. i cried after her last match on Raw against Mickie, where she got to thank the crowd for the wonderful ride.. dun ako naiyak grabe! i'd miss Trish talaga.. i have yet to see Unforgiven this Saturday, kasi sa cinemas nalang pinapalabas ung PPVs eh.. asar nga eh.

elaine said...

don't worry kai, i shall pray for it so you would get a new iron and ironing board. hehe. :)

Debbie said...

she should see for herself then. i get your point. it's not like your asking for something that would only benefit you, like an expensive phone or something. i really don't know. maybe talking to her in a different way will get her to buy. good luck on that!

charles said...

My god an iron and an ironing board is not that expensive and I totally agree that it's not something luxurious.

Anyway, regarding to your question on my blog. I am taking the citizenship one step at a time. That's why I am taking over the company so I can have another work visa, then the permanent visa and finally the citizenship. They certainly allow it but the span of year you are living here plays a pivotal role as well. It's around 7 years to be a citizen here in total.

Kai said...

I'm sure she has the "funds" that's why I'm pissed. Moreso, she's indulging herself into this craigslist thing, but she can't buy me a freakin' kabayo. Like, seriously!

Yeah. That's the worst part of it. She's got the money, and I don't.

Of course, Kat. Give me time to make a new one, then I'll relay this to you. Or if you want, I'll just give you something else (that's not second-hand, btw). Hehe.

I really don't care about the ironing mats as long as the board stands firmly on both feet.

Kai said...

The match @ Unforgiven was pretty much predictable, nevertheless, it was great seeing her grapple for the last time, with Lita, no less. I'm gonna miss her too. So bad.

Hahaha. No need to bother the heavens about it. It's a problem only worth 20 bucks, and I'm sure I'll figure this one out. Eventually. ;)

It wasn't like I yelled at her to buy me this. It just completely ticked me off. I think I have a valid reason to be upset, after all it's not something that will luxuriate me in any way, shape or form. I just hope she thought twice before even blocking my practical request.

I already got the iron covered. The board's not gonna cost her more than 30 bucks, that's why I'm upset. It's crazy, right? We're having a petty fight because of a fuckin' kabayo. Anyway, Norway must be a really fine place to require 7 years of permanent residency as an immigrant.

laureen said...

if there's one house chore i hate most, it is ironing. kudos to you that you actually can enjoy it. hehe. maybe you could look for an ironing board on craiglist, send the link to your mom, and maybe she'll buy it for you. hehe.

Anonymous said...

ahh last time i did ironing, it took me like 3 hours to finish, and my ironing "tools" were normal.. i could just imagine if they were defective.. i hear you, girl.. we better come up with something, we have got to convince your mama too buy that friggin kabayo!! =)
i agree with tani ("ironing is one of those things you can do while on "auto-pilot".. you're thinking something else while doing the task itself.").. ahhh, the bright side of ironing.


Jaz said...

plastic flowers vs. ironing board....hahaha, looks like your mom needs uh, *some*, priority re-sorting =P

Kai said...

Hahaha, that'd be um, clever. But I doubt it'd work. LOL.

Actually, on top of my christmas wishlist is a steamer, you know, that modern thing that does the exact same duty of the classic iron. That way, I won't have to deal with stupid ironing boards, lol.

Oh my. Isn't that embarrassing? Haha, you're right though.

charles ravndal said...

Yeah it is! Regarding to Norway, I say yes! Due to the country's social welfare and other benefits plus it's pretty peaceful. If you are a citizen here and you dont have work the state will provide everything for you but some people really abused it and mostly immigrants who got their citizenships here. I find it quite sad when these kind of people abuse the system that is why they have stricter rules to get a citizenship like first one must be fluent with the language