Friday, September 1, 2006

Peanut Butter and Ginobili

I haven't really been paying attention to FIBA that much, well actually, not at all. I've only seen about 4 games which turned out to be a less than enthralling viewing experience than anticipated because of the massive margin of deficits most of the time. But I managed to tune in to this quaterfinals match between USA and Germany. Even with Dirk, being less than spectacular at the time, his gang still managed to give USA a run for its money through the first half. But it was clearer than crystal that the favored team will take the win in the end, hence Big D goes home, once again, empty handed. But looks like he's not conveying an upset alone. To my shock, Greece defeated USA by not 1, not 2, but 6 points! Haha, I never expected that, but consider me ignorant since I haven't really seen the Greeks play altogether. And if that isn't bad enough, Papa Manu is bound to play only for bronze instead of the gold. Bummah! Man, I think my less enthused approach towards the tournament jinxed my favorites. Hahaha, inako e 'no?

While I momentarily disregard my recently restored obsession with basketball, I invited my attention back to my aged fanaticism towards tennis. I know. I know. Sports geek alert. But evs, it wipes boredom off my forehead in lethargic times like this. As I was saying, tennis has been occupying my activity deprived system over the past few days as US Open is currently in progress with, not to mention, a number of sweaty foreign papables. I sound like a pervert. *erase, erase* Um, whatever. As if I can be fake anyway. Yes, these hunkapops are making me excited. Happy? Not in a libidinous manner, you tard! Seriously though, the attractive visuals are definitely magnetic enough for me to sit through it the whole day, but far more than that, I'm really just a huge fan of the sport itself. Honestly. (;

Current favorite? I know, everybody's all gaga over Roger Federer, but I gladly differ. Not that I'm not a fan of the top-seeder, but between him and his rival... Rafael Nadal, hands down. Maybe because Federer strangely looks like my first cousin, and that automatically restrains me from considering him as an eye candy? Or maybe because Nadal is way more expressive to continually release those intensified hot grunts? Fine. I'm a freak! But in all seriousness though, I'm desiring for a Nadal-Roddick finals. Seems to be a distant possibility for now, but who knows, 3rd round is just about to start.

EDIT: I just figured that Rafa and Roddick will eventually be in the same bracket. No chance for a finale as hot as that. But semis wouldn't be bad. I just hope I don't jinx either chances, haha. Agassi exited professional tennis today (Sunday). T'was a teary-eyed moment, but with 8 grandslams in his resume, how can I feel sorrow? And of course, that legendary rival with Pete Sampras can forever be a remembrance alone. He's awesome, he's gorgeous, and I'll miss him sure as heck.

My weekend will be is still jampacked with Tennis, no less. Y'all enjoy yours! (:


laureen said...

such a shame...i've only seen one FIBA game. and that was during one of their exhibition games. haha.

oooh, Roddick & Nadal are such cuties. but they only come 2nd & 3rd (respectively) to my Marat Safin. at inako ko rin. hehe.

i'm getting errors while trying to post a comment with my blogger id, hence my missing blogger photo. hmph. anyway, enjoy the weekend!

tommmy said...

kahit naman guys hahanga sa husay nila rafael at federer. pero hadil mature na ako gusto ko pa rin maglaro si agassi, ang galing nya kanina bago ako umalis ng bahay napanood ko pa laro niya.

Kai said...

You just can't get enough of these tennis hotties. Also count Ginepri in, haha! Hey, you can now switch to Blogger Beta. That way, you (hopefully) won't have problems anymore. (:

Kahapon? You mean, his match a couple of days ago. Saturday's matches were cancelled due to heavy rain in NYC. Anyway. I'm also rooting for Andre Agassi. I think that match was probably the best one I've seen so far in the Open. Been a huge fan of him for as long as I can remember, of course I want him to exit the tourney in the highest rank possible, but since he and Roddick will potentially face each other in the fourth round, the chances of him staying are thinner than it already is. But no matter what the result is, he's already a sport legend, the youngsters still have a long way to go.

bone said...

hahaha. call me a loser but i really cant relate to this post. its been like 3 months since i watched sports on the telly. sabi ko naman sayo e di ko gets ang tv dito. haha. pahingi naman ng channel/program guide ng direct tv!!! lol.

pepper ann princess said...

nadal is ♥

i'm sad for US.

Kai said...
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Kai said...

Ask your folks there what channel is TV Guide. From there, you can find your way around. Good luck. d:

Pepper Ann
US? Why? Agassi is the only superstar who got eliminated so far. Team still has Roddick, Williams, Davenport, Ginepri and Blake (the big names). I like their chances this time. Don't worry, they'll survive. And yes!!! Nadal is crazy hot love! Haha, fangirl moment ito. ((:

Debbie said...

i'm clueless with sports...but i hear bits and pieces from hubby. it's was quite a disappointment.

all i know about tennis is, roddick because of mandy moore, and of course there's venus and serena. that's about my knowledge with sports, as long as there's a little celebrities invovled i'm in..hehe and oh! the movie wimbledon too..haha it's a cute movie. i never get tire of kirsten dunst's charm.

ok till next post...take care

Anonymous said...

Goodness me,this is my 7th times I think to post comments with my acct.It's still didn't work.

That was so nice of you to initiate comments though. I appreciated it! Thanks!

rafa looks crunchy! Isn't he?:)


Kai said...

Since you're already happily married, I won't tease you with what Tennis has to offer, haha. Well, actually, you're allowed to have a crush, right? Start watching the sport, Deb! There's plenty of lushy men with accents. Hahaha. ((:

Hey, Cheh! Sorry about that, I think it's Blogger Beta that's doing this to you. Anyway, thanks for still trying, I appreciate it. Rafa is lush! So hot, hahaha.