Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Six Factoids

I actually have a love/hate relationship with surveys, but since this one doesn't ask me to bold stuff, nor to answer something like "what did you last eat?", I willingly took this (from Elaine). Besides, I think it's about time you get to know more about me. d:

Once tagged by this entry, write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. In the end of it, pick six of your friends and tag them! (No tag backs). This explanation must be included, of course.

► Not your ordinary high school girl. I was intimidating, to say the least. I always picked the ramp as my route to the cafeteria, which also was the favorite stomping ground of some annoying preppy juniors. And surely, a simple "padaan!" out of my piehole can quickly clean that specific area in seconds. Well, metaphorically speaking. But you see, I was borderline a bully, and that kind of attitude brought me to the principal's office innumerable times. It wasn't a nice highlight of my years at all. If being forced to drop out wasn't enough punishment, then I don't know what is.

I was a 3-time pool champion. It all started when my friends discovered a new hang out, a billiards hall accross the campus. I'd always save some off my baon just so I can play there after school, and since my parents were confident that I wasn't into drugs or anything of the like, they never were against it, and even encouraged me to do better. I represented my school once, got the gold medal, and then eventually won a couple more tournaments outside for myself.

I'm a jolog like everyone else. On paper, people perceive me to be well-heeled. But I'm naturally just like any kanto kid out there. I ride jeepneys, even trycicles, I wear flip-flops when I go out, I played patentero when I was little, I curse in Tagalog, and most of all, I eat streetfood. I didn't stomach chicken intestines though, let alone its head and feet, but I've had a taste of almost everything the sidewalk offered me. My ultimate favorite would have to be the Betamax. It's this solidified pig's blood that comes with spicy vinegarette sauce. Man, I love that stuff! I know it sounds funny, but seriously, it's not even fear-factor-ish. Extremely delicious, trust me!

I'm a human-parlor. I think I can do this for a living, from cleaning nails to dyeing roots, almost everything but chopping locks. This isn't an innate ability though, I give credit to my nanny and my gay best friend for demonstrating this part of being kikay to me while growing up.

I can't dance. I have vague memories of myself and a couple more girls dancing in a Mathematician contest in 4th grade as an intermission number. I even had some piece of my creativity thrown into the choreography, mind you, haha. But that was a loooong time ago. Hence, I always find myself sitting in one corner emptying bottles of beer during club parties instead of crazy swirling on the dance floor. It's lonely sometimes, that's why I'd take a drinking fest over a club-hopping trip, any day. Plus, it's more fun to drink when you're exchanging stories with a group of people, rather than hip grinding with random strangers you met about 2 seconds ago. It's just creepy slutty disgusting. *lol*

►And lastly... I never get drunk. I admit to be drinking a lot, but I never get drunk. Dizzy, yes. Tipsy, no. I don't know if it's my football body, or my impressive mental control, but I've never been manhandled because of too much alcohol. My mother always pokes fun at it by saying that it's part of being my father's daughter, since everybody in his clan is accustomed to alcohol, organically. But whatever, as if any reasoning would matter. d:

Done. I'm passing this to Ate Clare, Jaz, Deb, Vayie, Laureen, and Bone. Only if you have time (:


charles ravndal said...

I can't do those cleaning nails but just the normal clipping.

Hmmm that is quite amazing that you havent been drunk. Ive been drunk a couple of times.

ish said...

wow! ako ren, never been drunk..:) siguro naiisip ko kasi pag nalasing pa ako sino magaalaga sa mga malalasing pa..
i love to clean my toe nails sobra!
street foods, asteeg! i sooo love isaw!Ü

aCey said...

same high school history here. hehehe!

interesting facts, ha. ^_^

Debbie said...

good to know a little more about was fun reading your list! you manage to reveal a little bit of yourself without being an open book, if you know what i mean. coz i'd love to answer this too but it'll be a challenge to pick the ones that are "safe" to divulge due to certain people that may happen to read your blog...hehe ok...i better start thinking! tata!

PR chitchat! they're lucky to be sent to Paris huh! i admire's hard enough to be pregnant, but to be in a freaking stressful reality show is crazy and she's doing it so well. parang wala lang sa kanya! well having 5 kids is enough practice huh!

i love how uli pieces several print fabrics together...but i guess she has got to give the judges more varieties. not surprised when angela got the boot, it was a long time coming.

Jaz said...

oh no, another tag! *lol*

pool....ahhh...i've always thought it cool, but never got around to learning it, unfortunately =(

another trait we share....we both have iron livers! haha! yes, we drink, but we don't get drunk that easily =)

the bad thing about it though is that we could more or less forget how much we've already consumed, and thus, do our bodies a lot of damage in the long run.

Kai said...

Cleaning is easy though, all it takes is a soft grip and a little practice. I think I can make a good manicurist, haha.

I tried isaw, didn't blend well with my tastebuds. Anyway, I think I may be drinking a lot, but once I know I've had enough, I stop.

High school drop out? Haha. I'm not alone!

I'm a really private person, but I tried, haha. I can't wait to read your list! (: About PR, I still really liked Uli's dress. I'm just amazed by how clean and perfect she taylors the prints, very professional. But you and the judges are right. She's gotta show us more. I wasn't necessarily happy about Jeffrey's win, well, for obvious reasons. The man is a walking ego, I hate him to pieces! Laura's very pregnant, haha, was surprised to see her belly that bloated already. I thought she should've won. But I'm looking at the bigger picture. I hope it's Uli, Michael, Laura or Kayne in Fashion week. (;

Haha, sorry, dear. Just take it if you have the time. (; Are you good at physics? Because it only takes that to actually be good at pool. Anyway, as I've told Ish, I stop when I know I've had enough, and I know you're the same way. As long as we don't drink everyday, nor even every single Saturday, I think we're okay. (:

bone said...

wow, about time u open up a little, missy. :)
baliktad naman tayo. i like isaw and never tried betamax.. i love dancing pero ngayon, mukhang kinakalawang na din yata katawan ko haha. but definitely, im a also a jolog.. and ya, a lil bit human-parlor.. kasama na konting paggupit. =)
hayy.. my site is down.. i dont even know what happened. tried to restore it but i dont know how to do the right side of it -- you know, where the blog entries should appear.. so i realized maybe i need to take a HTML Codes for Dummies course.. do you know where its being offered? ahh, darn it. i need help AGAIN. hay never ending. =( ill do the tag as soon as my "home" get fixed. :)

Vayie said...

Well, whatdoyouknow? I've been tagged! I promise to answer this.

Anyways, a bully huh? I may not be the bully in school (ito ba namang payat kong ito?) but I have been Teacher's Enemy #1 in Highschool. They just don't like my guts, and that thing about conforming to their ideas and beliefs. I've always been a rebel. No wonder we clicked! Hahaha.

If you ever come back to Manila, let me know. I have lots of girlfriends who're pool hustlers just like you.

It's a relief to read that your jologs!

Uh-oh! You can't dance?

Finally, you don't get drunk? Maybe I've finally met my match! Just kidding!

Clare said...

i posted my 100 things entry before i read this tag...i guess that means i did 94 more than i should? lol!

happy weekend!

elaine said...

yeee! it was nice reading about you! thanks for answering the survey, kai. :P

Laureen said...

i eat barbecued chicken intestines, but it's the adidas and helmet that i don't like either. and i can't do haircuts, our in-house barber (or hairdresser) is my Kuya who gets to cut my mom's hair once in a blue moon. hehe.

i'll post this survey as soon as i can, kai =)

have a great Labor Day weekend!

floi enjoy said...

Galeng! a bully, the lady Efren Reyes, self-confessed jologs, self-reliant in cosmetics and a drunkard who never gets drunk. you sure are a handful, Kai! Oh, and I love that comment you left me months ago about Poveda girls. Can't forget that. Haha! mwah. ^_^

Kai said...

Ako naman, problema sa YM. I'll get to you as soon as I get it figured out. I hope I can help you. (:

A relief? Um, I hope you meant that positively. Anyway, to my personal dismay, I've stopped playing pool about 4 years ago. Having a convenient place to play at definitely helped me, and I don't get that here. Sadness. Yes, I can't dance, but I can drink. I'll treat you when we see each other, hehe.

Ate Clare
Fine. You can pass. d:

Of course! (:

I tried isaw once, I almost threw up. But you try betamax when you get the chance. It tastes awesome, trust me!

I hate Povedans, in general. I may be stereotypical, but they're just worth the hatred, you know. Haha. I had this Povedan 'friend' once, and I thought we're cool. But she's such a shitmouthed bitch, definitely triggered my animosity towards people. Have you heard their "if you wanna be povedan? well, you can't" chant? In British accent, mind you. Hahaha, they're ludicrous! Halata bang sobrang galit ko? Hahaha.

russ.™ said...

Hello Kai..Ü
Thanks for sharing these bits and pieces bout yourself. Gosh, I wish I were a human-parlor too! I'd like to say that am one kikay gal, but I am in no way a human parlor. Oh how I wish I were one, hehe. I think imma do a lot of "consultations"... I'll ask you! Hope you won't mind. Stay pretty Kai!Ü

Kai said...

Haha, anytime, Russ! Here's one tip. When cleaning your nails, don't push too hard, and use shampoo/conditioner instead of that pink cuticle remover thing. (;