Monday, August 28, 2006

Rainy Days on Mondays

If I may have appeared merciless in the previous post, I apologize. But I believe I have proven a beyond valid point. Nevertheless, I'm in no position to sway my friend's emotions to a certain way that would only feed my concerns. She has complete control of herself, wether she chooses to be assertive or continuously be naive, I shall not care. In line of Vayie's advice, I must ignore her. She's a person of right age, therefore, she should know better. Plus, I'm no spongebob.

Actually, I've pondered about the numbers thing before going to bed last night just to verify what I've said in the previous entry. You know what, I'm absolutely right! Haha, not that it super matters, but it only tells me that I'm theoretically the kind of woman who would dispose a couple of year's worth, or even more, of being with a person who scumbagged me to begin with. It just can never be enough measure of a relationship. I can't deny though that the longevity, with the memories that it hauls, is all that easy to scrap, of course not, but I don't think it's the toughest job to throw everything over your shoulder when the connection doesn't work anymore.

One thing that certainly elevated my view was my parents' situation prior to their marriage. They met through common friends, and after a month of dating, they got married. Yes, that immediate. And just for the record, my mother wasn't pregnant when she got hitched, nor was it fixed. I never seeked for details causing the hastiness because my mom couldn't figure out the perfect way to execute an explanation, hence her timeless joke, "pinikot niya kasi ako!". And since I couldn't get anything from her, I settled on the perceivable fact that it was simply the progeny of their overwhelming love and admiration for each other. I thwarted my opinion on numbers once I've learned about this, and as you can see, my point has been tested and proven.

You also can't blame those who readily, and at certain urgencies, selfishly dissolve an aged relationship because somebody, who they believe is the right one, unanticipatedly comes into the picture. You know, that certain love song, "It's sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along", exactly like that. Quite a trap to be in, but yet again, it only tells you that a 2, 5, 10 year old relationship can go down to tubes if and/or when you discover that your behalf is not the destined person for you to spend your whole life with. Um, yes, I'm corny like that. I believe in destiny. I'm a fatalist, just so you know.

As I've mentioned, I'm really looking forward to see The Last Kiss. I think my theories on numbers and destiny are somehow exhibited in this film. Moreso, the quirks of becoming of age. Making choices, having doubts, choosing the right person to be with. Stuff like that.

Go, check it and the effin' awesome soundtrack too!


bone said...

hmm.. about your previous entry.. i assume thats the one we talked about in YM couple of days ago. so there, you know my stand regarding that matter. =)
im not sure who said this but i know i heard/read this somewhere. what matters more is not how long the relationship is. its how "lalim" the feeling is. uhm.. yung density siguro or something like that. haha. suddenly i cant remember the term. f*ck it. love ksi yun topic eh, kaya na-lost ako bigla. haha. how was your weekend, kai?

babymoi said...

hey! hey!the queerchef pimped me here! nice blog you got here kai! i enjoyed reading thru ur previous posts...:)

Jaz said...

i don't think i'd consider you or your previous post as 'merciless'. to me, it just shows that you ain't that gullible when it comes to matters of the heart.

and i gotta agree with you, coz who in the right sense of mind would want a cheat as a bf?! and to repeatedly give the guy chances? gawd, one must be freakin' s-t-u-p-i-d or can i say, desperate!!


you've done your part by sharing your thoughts with that friend of yours, whatever happens next, is hers to to deal. it's her life anyway, and with that, she shouldn't come running back to you, crying her heart out when that guy played with her heart all over again. coz yes, you aint spongebob =)

Teena said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

sorbetera said...

You are right... it's not that easy to just throw away more than 2 years worth of intimacy and bond. But I really do think (just like you) that if the right person comes along, there is no way somebody could stay in a disastrous 2-5-10-year long relationship. If the boat is already sinking and there's a rescue ship nearby, you jump. Actually, even if there is no rescue ship, we should know when to give up and just jump.

And don't worry, you weren't merciless at all. My friends both love me and hate me for telling them straight on what I think about them... I don't think she'd get mad, and even if she will, she'll get around ^__^ People always do once they find out you weren't really out to make them suffer but to make their lives better

Debbie said...

no need for apologies...:) this is your turf, you and rant all you want! :)tc

Kat said...

i love your theory. yeah, it's just numbers! and you can be together 2 days, 2 years or 20 --if it's not working, it's not working. infidelity is a very BIG deal-breaker.

by the way, i love this new layout! and i sooo want to see The Last Kiss as well!

Kai said...

Ikaw talaga! Basta pag-ibig, hahaha. My weekend was fine, pretty gloomy, it rained like hell. Lol. But I caught up a lot of bedtime, enjoyed it, to say the least, haha.

Thank you, darling!

You're welcome. (:

Correct! *high five* d:

You're right! I don't know if my friend considered my assertiveness towards her own situation negatively. If she did, then it's not my problem. I tried to help her in the best of my abilities, that's the kind of friend I am, and if she shrugs it off, then I couldn't care less.

Thanks, Deb! I hope you're enjoying Summer's last days. (:

Dapat may death sentence sa mga nangangaliwa e, ano? Hahaha. Thanks, Kat! I'm also excited for The Last Kiss. Looks like a cute and sensible flick.

jassy said...

hi...i also don't believe in numbers anymore. I've just come from a 4-year relationship and it didn't work out.

maybe, if a person is the right one for you, no matter how long or how short your relationship prior to marriage is--you're still right for each other.

have a nice day!

ice_edge said...

I love your parents' story. :)

No words here. I agree with your post. Numbers are just numbers. It doesn't determine whether you are meant for each other or not.

Vayie said...

You know what they say, you can't really end a statement with a period (an ellipses is better) when you yourself were never into that situation before.

Good thing, you're the type that refuses to take a crap from anyone, and wouldn't consider the length of time as a prerequisite.

I hope you'd be able to adhere to that principle of yours `till the end.

Kai said...

Good for you!

Thanks! (:

You can count on it.

Laureen said...

well, that song "Sad To Belong" is just that - sad. and i think it only relates to married couples because bf/gf relationships are end-able anyway, especially if one feels the need to opt out when they're no longer happy. but then again, if married couples are happy, they wouldn't have sad thoughts of marrying the wrong person anyway. hah!

and Kai! this is the first time i saw the trailer to "The Last Kiss" and did it give me goosebumps. i seriously need some dough. hehe.

Kai said...

Looks like a cool movie, yeah? I'm excited too!