Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Brother Trainee.

Drama Queen?

In the immortal words of the now infamous Whitney Houston... Hell to the NO!

You know, life is just a game of manipulation. You just got to have an unshakable strategy to reign victorious each time an assault awaits you. Some worthy allies who you can surely depend on along the turbulent ride. Utilize your face's holes and smart senses effectively to easily distinguish those who are capable of stabbing you in the back, regardless of relationship. And you gotta have faith, just exactly how it goes in that aging George Michael record. Well, not really. But I digress. Of course, there will be episodes when you'll find yourself in such a baffled, clueless, Paris Hilton disposition that you can only have the slightest idea of ejecting the clogs that hinder your journey to the top. But at the end of the day, you only have to be a sharp contriver and a fearless combatant in order to survive. You only have you. I only have myself. No more, no less.

These emulous schmucks just ultimately love feasting on - well, what they begrudgingly call - my falsities. I therefore manifestly discard my tendecies of caring too much about what these fuckin' nincompoops had to say about me. And I quote Mary C. Kraemer, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". So you know what? Kiss my Asian ass, bitches. You can rot in hell, for all I care. *folds arms, rolls eyes, stomps right foot, and proudly walks away* ((:


elaine said...

you go kai! woot!

Vayie said...

That kind of attitude in people is what I admire the most!

Vayie said...

BTW, I was literally cheering for you when I read your comments on my post:

You got her there. :) Nang-asar `na nga lang eh. Coz she can't stay on the real argument without being subjective!

Laureen said...

there you go, kai! you show 'em.

hope you have a great week ahead.

Kai said...

Thanks, sweetie! (:

She definitely rubbed me the wrong way there, and I hated to make a mess in your blog,and I'm glad you're not upset by it. She needed some schooling, and so I thought I just had to say something. (;

Haha, thanks, dear! You too!

Debbie said...

no one can say it best than Ms. Houston...haha the infamous,
bHell to the NO!
love it!

people like that are not worth your time so, move along, you've got better things to do. hmpf!

The Doctor said...

wow wow wow. I actually couldnt stop reading this post.

fortuitous faery said...

ooooh, love the red lollipop layout. :P

jassy said...

they lose, you win! that's the spirit!

Clare said...

i don't know what is going on but whatever it go girl! ;)

sorry haven't been online for a while, got sick e.

Kai said...

Haha, I freakin' love using that line!

The Doctor
I hope you meant that positively. (;

Thanks, darling!

Thanks. Thanks. (:

Ate Clare
Hello, Ate! I hope you feel better now.