Friday, August 18, 2006

Anong 'pake' mo?

Another fucked up portion of my polluted organism.

For sure, a lot of us, if not all, at one point in our lives, have intruded somebody else's individuality, may it be on purpose or unintended. However, the other end can only take too much of tresspasing, naturally. I personally HATE it when somebody messes with my stuff, let alone my character, my whole being. In a little way, it somehow frustrates me too, because I would clearly think of a modus of how I can make this certain person not loathe an established part of me, and restrict him or her from needlessly commenting on my lifestyle.

Allow me to give you a concrete example.

The World Cup. FIFA. It was a craze a couple of months back. I never watched soccer that religiously (at all, even) in my life, hence the disturbance some people I know got induced by. I question their being so concern, when nothing about soccer can even seriously jeopardize my life. OK. I admit that I got myself into that sport initially because of some delicious visuals on the field. However, through the course of the tournament, I have learned the rules, the fouls, and basically everything about it just by watching the damn thing. I'm being defensive, I know. It bothers me how somebody can even be so intrigued by how quick my adoption of the fanaticism was. And it annoys the heck out of me, how eager they investigate on your obsession's history. Yes, I may have jumped on a certain bandwagon or two. But what is wrong with that? It's a matter of choice to begin with, and I simply enjoy the experiences it hauls. Yes, and the "I know everything about 'this' now" feeling that comes along with it. This is just a tiny piece of a little percentage that I smile about each day, and yet it's still incalculably disheartening to have these numbskulls predatorily cause a quietly happy person feel miserable about her choices. Only because she luxuriates in the simplest, craziest, and most random things.

I'm not only disgruntling about the above mentioned, that is just too shallow for a blog entry. But theoretically, many other fields of my personage that these idiots perseveringly and dedicatedly try to further examine on, and potentially decimate. Now I know how it must feel to be a celebrity, unwantedly bombarded by the objectionable behavior besetting your entity.

I can only take too much intermeddling, pestering, and sniveling, right? Gosh. I love my life.


bone said...

simple lang. people like that dont have life. god, they're so lupa for you, kai. haha.

russ.™ said...

Hello Kai..Ü
Hey, this is not a shallow post. Obviously the person's doing that to you has a very low level of self-esteem, so he or she, has to do something like that to make him or her empowered. Don't give them your time of day.. they're not worthy of it.

Debbie said...

hey kai...some people are just too hard and sometimes impossible to please. but that feeling of knowing that someone doesnt like you is really other words it sucks. oh well hope it'll all pass, hope you can work it out with that someone.

i'm still here...just dont have anthing to post at the moment. anyway, so glad about michael's win again. but not so thrilled about alison leaving, it should have been that nutcase...hehe laura hates his guts too...hehe

take care....

Kai said...

I forgot to ask you via YM what you meant by that. But I reckon it's something positive towards me, hehe. Thanks, Bone!

My misery is their satisfaction. I may sound evil, but I hope they rot in hell. Haha, I'm taking this very maturely, ain't I? OK. I take that back, hahaha. Thanks, gorg! (:

I've always been annoyed by Vincent's attitude, let alone his creativity, if you can call it that. I was really bombed to see Ali go, I thought she didn't deserve the boot.

charles ravndal said...

Well in life you can't just pleased everyone. I tried hard before but i realised it was a waste of time. So just be who you are and just blow off people who doesnt approve about it.

Vayie said...

I don't see anything wrong jumping the bandwagon. It's not like you're just swayed "just like that".

Kai said...

You're right. Thanks, Chas!

It's far more than being condemned of supposedly hitching on a certain bandwagon. But this same person just loves to unessentially criticize every single thing I do. And no matter how I try to pan my attention the opposing way, I still can't help but be pissed about it. I care too much of what people think of me, and I guess that's my problem.

Laureen said...

i hate people meddling with things i do and things i own, too.

if these people are so critical of other people's fanaticisms and obsessions, then they seriously need to get a life of their own.

Kai said...

Ow, right on! (-;