Thursday, August 24, 2006

Look-alike Bandwagon

Of course I'm not gonna let another blog trend pass me by just like Superman did, haha. I also had a picture of mine (actually tons of them, but only one qualified, darn it) evaluated over at My Heritage. But to my dismay, I didn't get Angelina Jolie in there. Why do you all have her and I don't? That's unfair! But I believe my set seems to be quite accurate. At least I think so. d:

Click here to blow this up.

On another story...

I wasted more unwanted time with my new boyfriend again this afternoon, and what better way to bum around than to watch a Filipino movie via it. Actually, I've been wanting to see this movie since the first time I saw its trailer, but since I evidently don't get Filipino movies here, I had to wait for it on the site. Thank God for these generous people who laboriously upload flicks on youtube just so they can share it with centless foreign land residents like myself. Anyway, the feature's trailer is like that of The Lake House's, it captivates the viewers' eyes all by itself, which ideally makes a clever initial impression. And so, I reaffirmed my curiosity over this award winning production and sat through its entirety. The movie doesn't start with a relative haziness - which frequently happens in romantic stories like this - whereas it goes straight to the main storyline... Manuel is looking for Corazon. I eagerly jumped in and journeyed with him in looking for this person, despite my eventual overwhelming bemusement regarding who the real one might and should be. As the movie advances, I get distinctive clues on who the legitimate Corazon we're looking for - there's a torn photograph on one, and a locket (a pendant or something) on the other. Both had been promised to be danced by Manuel in the tune of no less than each's favorite song, Blue Moon. One is the first love, the other one is his uncertain true love, as the argument on which kind of love never dies goes on. Now tell me, how could I possibly be sure, at any point in that film, but the latter part, that I'm thinking of the right Corazon. In fact, I would periodically ask myself, "So she's the real Corazon?" or "Which Corazon was that?" which only signifies that this movie is successful for trapping you in its own psycho bubble. That's the point of the film, to mystify you. I may be a little unimpressed with the acting collectively, but the story, just by itself, totally made up of what it lacked technically. It was original and was suitably romantic. And it's confusing, which added the little kick to it. It barely made me cry though, but I was truly satisfied.

Since we're at it... I'm quite interested in watching The Last Kiss which is an adaptation of this Italian movie. It's a no brainer, I've always been amused by Zach Braff, especially when he got Punk'd. But kidding aside, I think this one's considerably good, and that the plot is more on the realistic side compared to what I've been induced by lately. Plus, it has a kick ass soundtrack too! I actually wanted to talk more about this, but I thought I'll just reserve it for the next entry. For the time being, you bitches have fun this weekend, alright? I'm gonna try to. (:


lin said...

i just love that name, corazon.

Laureen said...

funny, i have hayden & alizee in a couple of my matches, too. yes, you & charlotte church do look alike in that pic. maybe you could try some of your pics again some other time - the site seems to go haywire at times. maybe you'll get angelina. hehe ;)

i finally got to see Il Mare on YouTube. lovelovelove it.

have a great weekend, kai!

Kai said...

Hi! Yep, that name is really beautiful.

Ow, thanks, babe. I think I'm good with those 5, at least I was able to try it, hehe. Oh, so you saw Il Mare? That's good, did you love it? I thought it was nice. You should see Blue Moon too. Not great, but good, you know, hehe. Have a fun one too, girl! (:

Debbie said...

il try to watch it sometime...the story looks interesting.

have a great weekend too!

shai said...

teka teka, hindi ako papatalo, itatry ko din yan, hintayin mo ang next entry ko, hindi ako titigil hanggat hindi si angelina ang kamukha ko..hahah! ang panget ko! :P

yang blue moon na yan, yan lang ata ang pinanood ko nung MMFF, ewan ko kung bakit di siya box office, pero ang ganda, super ngalngal talga ko niyan sa sinehan eh.. :p

cruise said...

magaganda yang mga kamukha mo ah. hawig mo si haydeen.

ako kaya sino magiging ka look alike ko, check my farewell page, meron akong nilagay na pic ko...

bone said...

heyyy.. im gonna try that too.. =)
there you again plugging youtube.. and of course, no matter how much i swore to myslef not to go there again, i gave in.. buti na lang din. kasi natuwa na naman ako hehe.

Kai said...

I hope you like it! (:

Hahaha, hanggang pangarap na lang tayo, bakla! Blue Moon's one of a kind, I really liked it.

Thanks, bro! Pero saan ka pupunta? Bakit lalayas ka na? For some reason, I can't view your page. Let me know, k? (:

You hate youtube??? But why, it's the greatest website on earth! Hahaha. It's addicting, you're gonna love it. It's an empire! d:

sorbetera said...

Hey! i love your layout! ^__^

I tried the celebrity thingamabob too and I got.. Beyonce! Great heavens! Beyonce Knowles..! that's when I thought the thingis bullcrapping me.

I have watched Blue Moon too.. it was my first Filipino film after more than 5 years and I kind of liked it. But it still didn't make me go watch it again or other filipino movies for that matter.. I still stick to filipino indie films.. there's less bull in it. ^__^

charles said...

Actually you can download Pinoy movies thru Bittorrent and Bearshare,

Kai said...

I hardly watch Filipino movies, well for obvious reasons, but I thought that this one could be exceptional, that's why I was really interested in seeing it. So there are now indie movies in the Philippines? I wish I can get a hold of some of that too.

I do have torrent, but I find youtube more than convenient. (;