Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Instead of a pot session.

Just when I thought I would never get absorbed by this Korean-telenovela-craze, there I was, swimming in tears while ensnaring the romanticism of Winter Sonata on AZN a few months back. Seriously. It's that overwhelming. And so, upon learning my overflowing adoration for this certain drama series, Kuya Richard immediately lent me his season of Endless Love, another Korean chuvaloo. Mama and I sat through it in 3 days, and boy were our eyes brownish swollen like rotten bananas. Hahahaha! My reputation of a toughie is officially ruined. I'm a hopeless romatic after all! *kaching-kaching in my eyes*

Without failure, I have switched back to the dutiful movie-goer that I am. Expensive, but seemingly satisfying. Apart from these, I managed to see a couple more this week (including WTC), and I'm planning on checking out 3 more in the coming days. I'm not doing anything else anyway, and I never plan on munching some weed stuffed brownies just so I won't get bored. Movies, and television, are a good way to go. Besides, they're never boring. Follow my lead! (;

And BTW. It's been three years since my last blunt. I'm such a good girl. Thank you Papa God!


charles ravndal said...

hahah Endless Love. Reminds me of my girl cousins and my aunt. They were also having this kind of Endless love marathon. There eyes were really all swollen and reddish as if they were crying alot from a funeral.

charles ravndal said...

hmm i didnt realised that blogger has some slight changes

Jaz said...

I initially thought that I wasn't gonna be struck with the koreanovela bug myself, but after seeing my first (All About Eve), I think I may have contracted a koreanovela fever of some sort as I am now constantly nagging my friends to lend me their collections *lol*

Vayie said...

Hahaha! Now you know why cheesy/musy/emotional pinoys are so hooked on Koreanovelas!

Kai said...

Oh, dear, tell me about it. I think my mother and I need some cucumber soaking after watching them dramas, hahaha. And yes, I converted my blogger to beta. Which was a little stupid, 'cuz nothing abundantly changed.

I know! They're addicting! Hahaha. Watch Winter Sonata, dude. It has such a mature story, plus the lead actors are cute. d:

I finally get it, hahaha. Aren't we cute? (;

Jen said...

Kai.. thank you for informing me about Lita's championship win. but i wasnt that excited as compared to her last title win. I bet she was not that stellar with that match with Mickie.. and now that Lita's the women's champ, i hope she'd feud with Trish, just before she'd take a time off and marry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai!!! :D I love Koreanovelas chuvaloo! Hahah! :) I recently got hooked on My Girl. I heard that Endless Love is going to be adapted into a movie. Hahaha! :P

charles ravndal said...

Beta? I didnt know that. I'll check my blogger account hmmm.

Kai said...

I believe a Summerslam match between them two is being cooked, of course with Lita retaining it. Let's see.

Too bad, AZN channel is no longer existent in this household. We switched cables kasi. Sayang marami pa namang bagong Koreanovelas doon. ):

Go ahead!

bone said...

kai, you might want to try Full House and Sassy Girl too. =)

shai said...

Full house? hahah.. korek ka bone! try mo to Kai super funny talaga

Kai said...

Bone and Shai
Too bad, I don't have AZN channel anymore. I guess I have to nag my Asian friend from SanFran to lend me some of her collection. Nakaka-addict naman talaga kasi. d:

Laureen said...

blogger hasn't offered me the option to switch to beta yet. i did try it out with my google mail, though. i want labels. huhu.

anyway, i haven't been bitten by the koreanovela bug yet, as i ahven't seen one yet. haha. but i have heard a lot of good things abou it.

Kai said...

Yeah, I've always wanted categories too, that's why I liked LiveJournal in the first place, lol. But I'm so happy Blogger is offering the service now. Actually, not now, but immediately, per blogger news. They only support labels with their provided layouts, but they will soon have it on customed ones. I likey it! (;