Friday, August 11, 2006

Delinquent Movie-goer

I divulge my being a lazy-assed movie-goer. I missed a damn whole lot, including the much anticipated Superman. Superfreakinman. Yes. I missed it. But in an uncharacteristic behavior, I was inclined to watch three movies this week, four if I get to watch another one tonight. Well, not that I spent a, at all. Thanks to the folks who sedulously upload movies on youtube. It's just amazing, don't you think? Hehe. I watched 2/3 of my moviefest via it, and it's obviously in my most comfort. Good grace!

First up, on a rainy Monday afternoon, I went to see The Descent. Initially, I didn't really want to go, but with my brother's persistence, I just couldn't withstand. I'm honestly a coward when it comes to supernatural things, let alone monstrous human-eating humanoids, so the movie indeed scared me, and didn't make me feel good about sleeping that same night.

Then we're off to the youtube marathon. Obviously, the idea of sitting on the couch infront of your computer is already tranquilizing, but it's even more than that when you're actually seeing a product of Asian craftsmanship. Dubai was as predictable as can be though, but the actors made up for the lack of creativity in its plot. Watching the trailer was like watching the entire feature itself. I may be a little critical, but that's what I thought of it. However though, the authenticity of events shown in the movie truly reflects the masses, hence it's overpowering success in overseas countries which embody Filipino workers. Having a mother who had gone through the exact same pain and sacrifice, I was genuinely touched by certain dramatic scenes, so it wasn't really that bad after all. Il Mare, on the other hand, is totally the opposite of predictability. The idea of the movie itself is stupefying, and it gets even better as it advances. The acting was not even close to being over-the-top, it was just right on, despite the atypical storyline. I recommend this to people who are suckers for romantic tearjerkers.

If I didn't make sense enough, go HERE to read my extended opinions about these movies.

On another topic... It's no secret that I'm a huge sports junkie, especially of those which comprise a number of papables (as a dear friend calls them). Rogers Cup is currently in progress, and I can't hate myself less for missing Rafael Nadal's first two matches. Gaaaah!

Anyway, I'm off to Frisco in a few hours. At last, I'm going somewhere else, hahaha. Will be back with whatever I can gather for a chika, and a review of what could be the next movie I'm going to see. Have a great weekend, everyone. Be safe!


Debbie said...

hey kai! it really sucks not to be able to watch all those great movies. but you sure are catching up huh!

had very bad experiences with watching filipino movies, so until now i dont feel the need to see one. nakaka disappoint kasi, everytime you watch. it seems that the trailer is all there is to see.

ok enjoy your much needed roadtrip! pahabol before summer ends...

bone said...

wow, another movie addict!! we really have to meet one day. haha.. =) whats up, kai?

Kai said...

I know. The excitement of seeing a Filipino movie is quite rejuvenating, but once you're at it, you can't just say a whole lotta good things about it. It's kind of disappointing, really. Anyway, just got home from my destination. That was really a much needed roadtrip. (;

Dude, are we twins or something? Haha. We can be bestfriends...for real, hahaha. I can't wait to meet you!

-trish- said...

movie marathon? hehe. I wanna see john tucker must die. hmm.. I dunno any new filipino movies.. hehe. sana may tfc kmi.. but it's too expensive. lol. anyhoo, hav a good weekend!!

take it easy!

Laureen said...

Oh, I know what you mean about missing blockbusters. when people around you talk about it, it's like "gah, di ako maka-relate." haha.

seriously, those movies are on youtube?! i must do the same thing you did =)

isn't nadal such a cutie? ;)

bone said...

whoa, im excited to meet you. really. two movie addicts who missed Superman Returns. haha... looking forward to hanging out with you.. geez.. sana lang walang generation gap haha =)

jassy said...

there are lots of great movies here in pinas nowadays...I'm waiting for them to be shown.

i thought i would never get to watch superman returns but my brother saved me. a pirated dvd allowed me to watch it.

it's never too late.

evi said...

i can stand browsing the net all day but i don't think i will enjoy watching a movie on the computer. i still prefer a big screen telly.

i somehow appreciated the cinematography of the film, Dubai. I guess, the sand dunes and the camels made it interesting.

Kai said...

John Tucker Must Die, I think, can be quite funny. But I've lost interest in comedy teen flicks since American dreamz. Anyway, I'm having a great weekend, I hope you are too!

Dude, Nadal got axed right away. I was flabbergasted. I can't fuckin' believe it! I wanna cry. )):

What do you mean a gap? If I don't stand corrected, you're older than me only by a year and a half. Not much of a difference, eh? What are you talking about? Unless you meant that I act and talk like a 12 year old, hahaha. I sort of admit to that. d:

Good for you! Ingat ka lang kay Edu, hehehe. I will definitely rent it once it comes out on DVD. Better late than never, eh?

Movie theater, on TV, via youtube, all is same to me. As long as the movie is watchable and makes sense, it's definitely gonna work. Dubai is really nothing remarkable to me. It's just one of those romantic movies involving a lady in between, and a happy ending. Much similar to another Aga Muhlach film with Vilma Santos and Christopher De Leon. Nothing new. I did enjoy the scenery though. It should get an award for well exhibiting Dubai, hehehe.

charles ravndal said...

Hello dear! I am back and god I like your new look. You should watch Superman. It's cool and I saw The Descent once and I was actually pretty disappointed. It seems no one manage to come out alive from the cave.

bone said...

wait, how old are you again? im turning 23 sooon!! but if you say you act and talk like a 12 year old, then definitely, theres no generation gap at all. yey!

Jaz said...

i don't usually get to catch those flicks on the big screen as well....but i sure try to make up for it through dvds, and yes, through youtube.

aaah, the wonders of technology :)

aCey said...

hi, ate kai! it's so good to be baaaack... your blog's one of the blogs i missed throughout my absence in the blogging realm. anyway, i've never seen dubai. i wantED to watch it as people said it's a good film... but, i kinda changed my mind now. hehehe! take care!

Kai said...

That's the purpose of the film, to have you make its own ending. I like movies like that. Not only it gives you a hard time sleeping at night, but it also makes you think about the denouement interminably.

Yes, you're only a year and a half older than I am. Besides, I don't see a difference with numbers. What's the big deal? I'm a kid anyways, so if you're still half that, we're good together. (:

I know! Gotta love them geeks, hehehe.

Hey! It's been a long time. Where've you been? I missed you too! Haha, I'm such an influence, eh? Well, Dubai is romantic, not The Notebook-romantic, but it's cool. Just not my cup of tea, hence my dissatisfaction.

Vayie said...

Watching movies on youtube? Now that's some lotus eater! Hahaha.

cruise said...

enjoy your days in frisco, wish i could go too :)

piolo said...

i have not seen Dubai, but i will this time, thnx for mentioning it on your blog.

fortuitous faery said...

i always thought most filipino movie trailers were so lengthy and so detailed as to become the entire movie itself! hehe.

hey, cute new blog skin!

Kai said...


I already did. Thanks!

I didn't recommend it, hehe.

Ay, korek. It makes it less interesting.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »