Sunday, August 6, 2006

He's gotta be bad.

I admit, I'm positively one of the few ones who believe that first love indeed dies, eventhough it would be an absolute delight to see Britney and Justin back together. That's definitely sweet, but I just can't see myself being reunited with my first love. Ever.

Saw his most recent photo around Friendster and to my dismay, he grew his hair and changed his style, in other words, he looked drastically different. Totally not my type, not that it matters, and not that it's the only thing I'm after. But no matter how I loathe his semblance of mature image, I still have to say that he's undoubtedly one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life. He always made me feel noteworthy, and was probably the closest thing to a prince charming a preteen Snow White could ask for. But the thing is, he was too nice! Our puppy love blommosed in 4th grade, nothing really serious, as it waned eventually. We met again in high school, where I was totally the opposite of what I was when he met me, but in junior year, I somehow found out that I was still in his pursuit. Like, what? If a guy is not over you after 5 years, there's something wrong. And it quite freaked me out.

Therefore, if you're the typical nice guy who always has the most difficult time of letting go, then you're totally not for me. I know, what the heck, right? Maybe you're totally misunderstanding my point. I'm not looking for a guy who has a crapload of tattoos all over his engine, nor a guy who has piercings even down to his balls. I'm only wanting a guy who won't be afraid to not compromise. One that can battleshit with me, curse me once in a while, someone that can take me to some place unimaginable. A God-fearing daredevil, a family-oriented son of a bitch, and a respectful-to-his-wife badass. Oh boy, how I wish I can program my eventual husband. *sigh*

On a completely irrelative note, I just witnessed another piece of history last Friday. I think I found my dream guy. Ha! I'm such a laughingstock... Travis Pastrana, perfectly landing the first ever Moto X double backflip in X games history. Yes, a kiss of death. I think I just described him precisely in the previous paragraph, hahaha. I'm dreamy. Fine. I'll stop.

I think I love him. Hahaha! *zips kisser*


Vayie said...

Gee. They said "First Love Never Dies - It only fades away." Maybe that's what happened in your case. You acknowledge the fact that he was indeed your first love, but that's just it.

I met my first love when I was in 3rd year Highschool. I always thought all of those men who came in before, were nothing but infatuation. With Topher, the feeling was different. It was true. So true that I find contentment in an unrequited love. Yes, he never felt the same way for me - and it was one of those ego-slaps that lingered through the years.

But just like you, I have gotten over him. And I wouldn't want to end up with him either. I always envied this one girl he pursued when we were in Highschool. I always prayed that I'd be in her shoes to see how it was like. Eventually, they saw a few years after College, and an "ostensible" love blossomed.

...But guess what, just as when they were already preparing for the wedding (and I mean ALMOST everything's ready and all), the girl found out that he was already married in the States. So no wedding. And to think I was wishing to the high heavens that I'd be in her shoes for years.

Laureen said...

i don't believe in the saying "first love never dies" either. my first love blossomed & failed in 5th grade. we became mortal enemies after that the patched things up in 3rd year high school after i moved islands away. hehe. we're friends now, but i can never ever see us getting back together.

by the way, travis pastrana looks pretty cute to me. hehe. gotta love those extreme athletes ;)

Debbie said...

yeah, someone who's good but not too good, someone who would compliment you and him as well. i know it sounds cliche but i really believe that there is that right someone for each one of us. believe me, i never thought i'd find the right guy. but God works in very mysterious ways. before i used to ask how in the world will i ever find the right man. but i turns out, you'll find each other no matter what, and you'll definitely know it's him!

oh man! i saw travis p. when hubby was watching it, coz he had to show my the double flip! i was to moved with his mother's interview. she was nervous and scared for her son but he reassured him that no matter what happens...he is having the time of his life! nakaka inspire......i mean, to reach big goals you really need to face bigger risks. god forbid him crashing and dying right there, at least he did what he was supposed to do.

take care kai...

-trish- said...

awww.. bless... dw, soon mr. right will come and rescue you..... :)

I want a fairytale! waaahh!! surely yours will come true, all you hav to do is wait and never rush. :)

take it easy! :)

I linked you in my blog hope that's okay.

Kai said...

Good for you, and Karma for him. The beauty of irony nga naman, ano. At least you didn't feel such a rejection just like what that girl did to him. Buti nga sa kanya. d:

He IS cute! He's only a year older than me, but he has accomplished a lot. His future wife will surely be lucky. I wish I/we can have such a good catch too!

Aww, that is sweet. You just restored my faith in destiny. Thanks, Deb! (: I really did admire Travis' perseverance. I was scared to death too, but just as happy to see him achieve his goal. His determination is definitely inspiring. And GNARLY too, haha! (;

No, no, dear. I'm not rushing at all. You probably missed my point. I was just talking about how I want so bad to have a man to marry just like Travis Pastrana. Google him, hehe. And sure, I'll link you back!

cruise said...

sayang di ko makita yung file, siguro dahil may firewall dito sa company internet.

pero sa taste mo, malamang ffable talaga yang si travis!

chEr said...

girl, i want your guy.. i mean yung gusto mo.. ayaw ko rin ng super nice.. kinda boring once in a while. i think, napagod lang ako sa mabaet masyado.

i want those guys na medyo gago rin.

Kai said...

Haha, NSFW ata ito diyan. At fafable ba? Hahaha, ikaw talaga. Siguro nga, kasi type ko e, hehe. d:

Exactly. Boring is the perfect word to describe a relationship with an uber nice guy. I don't want him to be gago to the extent that he'd have the authority to hurt me physically. I want someone who's just the perfect meet in between. (:

chEr said...

i agree!!! :)