Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Youtube. Such a remedy.

Boredom kills, and it's doing its job on my machine adequately. I think I'm gonna die! I have nothing else to do, goddamnit! I jogged in the morning, did the laundry, watched the daily teleseryes, cleaned the backyard, dyed my mother's hair, sat through a Project Runway marathon, but I still feel like I need to do some more. Sitting infront of the computer, nor lounging on the couch just doesn't satisfy me. Ugh! I'm so fuckin' bored!

I was telling my mom earlier how it would have been less boring if we have jeeps here. Like in our place in Cainta, whenever I feel the urge to go out, a simple 4-peso ride to the mall could totally make my day. Not that a couple of bucks bus ride here isn't reasonable, but the convenience back home just can't compare to the underwhelming gratification this place caters a seasoned bum like myself.

Good grief, there's youtube! The late hours of my afternoon were altogether consumed by watching free feeds of Big Brother 7, some old American Idol clips, and a little something something. I told you, I'm bored to death. But surfing through the awesomemest site brought me to this clip of Kelly Clarkson headbangin' with Metal Skool. This girl is the shit, dude. I loved her in American Idol, but I loved her more when she broke out of that popsy mold. She's so wasted in this video, but girl can still sing! Amazing. Check it.

But dickhead from Yellowcard is such an attention whore. I resented him. Anyway...

I was watching this JC Penney Concert thing last night, and I thought I'd just share this beautiful duet by Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee. [To Deb: You're effin' lucky!! (:] I swear I would have paid to see this performance. I enjoy Bocelli. I know. Remotely different from my indie music fanaticism, but I'm weird like that. You know. d:

It's raining outside, heavily might I add. And as how I always tell my peers, "watching the rain from my window makes me sad". I have to leave the desk now, or I'd be drowning in tears in no time. Dope, of course not! Haha. Harold and Kumar is on TV again. That shall make my day.


Jen said...

Hi Kai.. anyway, Y2J on Teen Choice? I didn't know... what did he do there? Y2J ala-Nick Carter?! hmm.. sounds... uhm... YOUNG!! haha :D and sexy.

anyway, yeah! my boys are feuding. i cant imagine them going head to head. NEVER in my wildest dreams would they have a feud. im wondering if they're feuding because of me.. ASA PA! haha :D miss u Kai..

Debbie said...

i was also feeling kinda bored too this past summer so i try to go out as much as i can. i'd try to take classes next time...

havent seen the jc penney concert yet but i let my cousin record it. they didnt really say that catherine mcphee or john legend would be there...they just said that a special guest will come ....and everyone thought it was going to be christina aguilera.

oh the highlight was john legend and of course andrea bocelli with catherin m. my daughter fell inlove with their song and her purple dress...she's like..." i want her dress mom!". john legend's voice was just awesome. it's exactly how he sounds on the cd's.

it was a great experience, although at that time we werent sure whether to go or not coz no one promised a sure celebrity. all we knew was dr. phil was hosting...hehe good thing we dragged our lazy bums out. we're like, there's nothing to lose if we go coz its free.

summer's almost over!!! hehe it went by FAST! oh well back to reality again...

take care!

Debbie said...

surprise to see the nutcase win! well infairness, he wasnt so nuts this time...just wasnt crazy about the huge collar, but the dress was nice.

really thought uli would win...loved how she matches two prints together. she's very good with has to be michael and uli in the top 3!

Vayie said...

Hahaha! Is boredom something that's bugging everyone lately? Almost all the bloggers I know were expressing their jadedness in their posts (myself included).

Well, P7.50 na ang mimium fare sa jeep ngayon. But yes, I know what you mean with your post today. Dito kasi, "cheap thrills" lang such as dropping by the mall is just a jeepney-ride away...

Kai said...

Nanibago nga ako sa ichura niya, e. Mukhang bata, pero parang hindi bagay. Haha! I thought the feud starter was lame, but that's how it is at most times in the WWE. Yes, they're feuding over you, bitch! Hahaha!

I'm not a huge John Legend fan, but I definitely admire his musicality. He has such a good voice, I like his song Used To Love You. Anyway, I definitely agree about PR. Michael and Uli have got to show on Fashion Week, or I'd die. Haha! I thought nutcase's piece was really sheik, fitted Uli's mom perfectly. But I have a new hate now. Jeffrey is such a man-bitch. I would have loved to see him gone over Robert. Any day. Pfft. I really wish Fall's here already, I've had enough of the heat, hehe.

7.50? Fuck, that's too much! Bawal na libre, haha. Yeah, I totally miss that type of convenience. I actually miss a whole lot, but we can go forever talking about my homesickness. d:

bone said...

Harold and Kumar is friggin funny!! freak show and all that.. haha.
ya, youre my YouTube mentor, kai! nakakahawa ka.

Vayie said...

Opo. Mahal na `nga ang pamasahe ngayon. KKB na dapat! :P

-trish- said...

katherine mcphee.. i want her to be the American Idol. damn it. lol. anyhoo.. john tucker must die was really good.. it was funny.. so watch it.. but the ending wasn't that good.. but it's alryt.. :)

freyti said...

hello..musta na?kakaupdate ko lng sa blog ko..hope u can visit soon..tnx

jassy said...

hi! 7.50 na ang minimum fare dito. you can still do a lot of things so you won't be bored. just look around.

enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Laureen said...

i also miss how easy it was to get a ride on either a jeep or tricycle back home. the city i live in right now doesn't even have a bus system yet.

couldn't agree with you more on how awesome it is to have YouTube =)

Kai said...

Haha, that movie's one of my all-time faves. I can die watching it over and over again. LOL!

Aba, dapat lang, diba? d:

I think I'll just netflix it, thanks!


I know. Thanks, and you ave a nice weekend!

Wait, you're not in San Antonio anymore? Where? At least you can drive... I know! Youtube is the shiz, hehehe.

Jen said...

Kai... i dunno.. i really get this weird high with everything Y2J. weirder than what i get with Randall.. and yeah, may the best man win na lang.. but uhm, can i have them both? haha :D

Kai said...

Sige, sayo na si Randy at Carly, akin si Jericho. Hahaha! d:

Jen said...

Biglang ganun Kai..?! sandali.. let me think about it first.. kasi pag usapang Y2J eh burado si Randy and Carly sa sistema ko.. haha :D

Kai said...

Madaya ka, Jen! ((: