Friday, August 4, 2006

Chain Yakking

Papa bought me this jar of chocolate filled wafer sticks from the Asian market earlier this week, you know, those which look like champola. It has been hanging around in the kitchen for almost a week, and the subconsciously gluttonous being that I am, munch on it every after meal. I just can't resist! It's been years since the last time I got a grip on those. So yum! And you bet, them wafer sticks are disappearing like leaves on a tree during fall, haha.

Speaking of fall, our backyard seems to be living on a different season. The next one is yet to hit this part of the crust later this month, so the leaves falling this early is quite an annoyance to my sight. Plus, I hate to be cleaning the mess, specially under the gally heat.

Speaking of heat, Dwyane Wade, and the rest of Team USA were victorious in their first dress rehearsal last night for the World Championships. The cohesiveness and dynamism were fantastic. With a core composed by superstars like LeBron, 'Melo, and the finals mvp, you can at least expect a my horse is bigger than yours showdown, but no, they were amazing collectively, and definitely worked as a team. I'm so glad I'll be cheering for a plausible contender this time.

It was reported a couple of days back that Queer Eye's time was up. I was in shock, totally floored. I'm a huge fan of the show and I didn't see a good enough reason for it to be canned. Thankfully, it all turned out to be false. Ugh, I almost scribbled hate mails, haha. Apparently, shortly after the rumor circulated the earth, Bravo hurriedly offered the Fab 5 a new contract. Good move, dumbass! Unless you wanted another gay network to snatch your blockbuster.

Speaking of blockbuster, I haven't really had the urge to watch movies lately. Can you believe I missed Superman? Needless to say, as well as Devil Wears Prada and The Lake House. I know, I should get my ass off the couch. But there's just nothing that inclined me to it. My brother though has been endlessly asking me to see The Descent with him this weekend. I would love to, but the last time I watched a horror flick, I had the weirdest imaginations of Japanese girls. Plus, I don't think I've been convinced enough.d=

K, enough of this chain thing. Got the lame idea from this new game show on GSN. Yes, I watch GSN, there goes a solid indication that I have such a boring life. Anyway, the hair above my eyes are growing yet again, as well as my fem beard. I gotta find the tweezer and clean up. Gee, the cons of a woman. I have to catch up on some wrestling and X games too, so I better get going. Have a great weekend, honeybunnies!


talksmart said...

great post!

pepper ann princess said...

devil wears prada isn't showing here in manila until end of the month. i can't wait any longer! happy weekend. :)

Kai said...

I hope you didn't mean that sarcastically, haha. Thanks!

Pepper Ann Princess
I missed it when it was shown here. I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD. My friends say it's pretty good, so you shall enjoy it. (:

shai said...

kai, parang ang chaka na nga ni Kuya Armel eh, muka ng tatay..hahah! check mo friendster nia

Debbie said...

if it makes you feel better, i havent watched any of those movies either. sucks but oh well. there's always the dvds.

summer went by fast. i want to do something adventurous and out of the blue trips but then when i think about the gastos i settle with just hitting the couch or the mall or anything that doesnt involve too much spending on petty things.

bye...til next post

Vayie said...

Oh, those wafer sticks. Kakaadik talaga `yan. Champola is the more expensive brand. I don't know if you're familiar with Stik-O.

Anyways, you have all the mouth-watering imported (imported sa amin) chocolates readily available there but iba pa rin minsan `yung mga ganyan.

Kai said...

Message me his URL. Gusto ko parin makita, hahaha!

I know. I've been wanting to go to SixFlags, actually, kaya lang gastos e, tickets, food, gasoline, etc. Just thank God for HBO and Netflix, hehe.

Yeah, I know Stik-O, but I'm more familiar with champola. Actually, we like Pinoy goods more. Like those flat tops, chocolate covered mallows, and of course, choknat, hehehe. Mahal nga lang. Would you believe that jar of wafer sticks cost my dad 4 bucks? It's ridiculous. ((:

-trish- said...

lol. one thing went to another. haha. keeping urself busy then? I miss those pinoy sweets.. haha. hope u're havin a great weekend!! :p

Vayie said...

4 bucks? So that's like 200 pesos sa pera natin? Hehehe! Anyways, you mean it's much cheaper to buy Hershey's and Toblerone than good ol' Choc-Nut? Hehehe!

Laureen said...

what's the difference between Champola & Stick-O? My Kuya & I exchange memories of eating Stick-O, hehe. but what i do miss more is Choc-Nut. it's ridiculous how much they're worth here. baloney.

due to cable's absence in my life for the last week, i had no clue there was a dress rehearsal for the world championships. so that's another thing i missed. drats!

i didn't get to see those movies you mentioned either. but i swore that i would get The Lake House on dvd. hehe.