Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just a dream...

What do you do when you finally see your dreamhouse? Your jaws drop instantaneously. You feel a humongous dab of astonishment attacking your chest. And you can only say "wow". Just the years of fascinating the damn thing comes to an end and you finally get to see what it's like in reality. Beautiful isn't even the appropriate word for it. It's beyond perfect! I'm dreamy...yet again. But hey, I might have that house, we might never know. After all, it's way cheaper than my current residence. I mentioned my trip to Frisco, right? Well, the house is located there. It's a city which is currently in the state of progress. Meaning, it's not yet as established as some of Dallas' suburbs, but it's rapidly getting there. We were advised that getting a house there is the most convenient decision one household could make. Because one, it is cheaper, and two, it's listed as one of the safest suburbs in this county. Less criminal percentage, and a middle-class type of living. What else can you ask for? But the thing is, moving is not as easy as boiling water. *sigh* I hope the price doesn't change too much by the time I can buy it on my own. And so, suitably for now, I'll just go back to woolgathering.

I picked my room... Just in case. ((:


Jaz said...

The room looks fab!

Let's keep our fingers crossed then that you'd get what your heart desires :) soon.

Kai said...

That room looks so standard compared to other parts of that freakin' house. If only I can post all the photos I took, but I'm afraid I might get sued, haha. I really want that house. But as the fatalist in me says, if it's for you, it's for you. Or something like that. (;

charles ravndal said...

I would say the room looks fantastic. I like the colours and also it looks really relaxing. Hey if ever my charity drive pushes through will you help me out being that you are also a very talented blog designer ? You will have a cut of course!

cruise said...

tama ka kapag nakita mo na dream house mo kakaiba ang pakiramdam, ngayon nag iisip na ako kkung ano magiging itsura ng bahay ko, kaya bawat lakad ko tingin ako ng tingin sa mga existing na bahay, di kaya ako mapagkamalang magnanakaw? hehehe

piolo said...

who will not like the bedroom you showed? if i only have the access and money i will consider buying property there.

bedroom palang ang ganda na.

HanAgiRL said...

great choice! nice color combination! I'm a sucker for anything green.

Laureen said...

i've gone to a lot of houses for sale, and i would pick out the room i wanted spend my hours of slumber in every time. haha.

so you've been thinking of moving, huh? true, it isn't easy. but maybe you can relocate there in the near future.

i so love your new layout, kai!

Debbie said...

well if that house isnt availabale anymore i'm sure there would always be something greater than what you'd expected. hope we get our dreamhouses soon...hehe

love the layout, esp the banner...so vintage..

take care

Kai said...

Of course, I will partake (;

Hahaha, Ikaw talaga!

Ow, that bedroom is less-than-attractive compared to the Master's. I really fell in love with that house, dude. Sana makuha din namin in the future.

Not my favorite color, but it sure makes everything pretty.

Well, contemplating. Hehe, thanks, Laureen!

Actually, the house won't be available until all units are sold. But there are tons in that are who have the exact same layout. Plus, it's way cheaper compared to whay my folks pay for this piece of Irving. I really hope they'd reconsider. (:

bone said...

"i hope the price doesnt change too much by the time i can buy it on my own." funny. thats what i always tell myself all the time. the idea to stand on my own is my inspiration right now.. and to be able to give back what my parents have given me of course..
green is my least favorite color but i have to admit, that room is lovely.. really. it makes me wanna go to my bed now so i could start dreaming of my dream house again. hehe.

Kai said...

Me too, I always have that in my prayers. To actually have the chance to give them a better life in return as they grow older.

bone said...

eek. this is cheesy.. and freaky. haha. why do i smell some maturity here.. looks like someones growing up.. yikee. hehe. but you know, its always nice to include our folks in our dreams.. hmm. sarap mangarap.

charles ravndal said...

that's cool!

Kai said...

So you've always thought of me as a little less mature? Ganoon pala ha. Pfft! Just so you know, I've been praying for that since I figured that I have an of age point of view. Halata bang napikon ako? d:

You got it! (;

Vayie said...

That room looks so comfy!

Anonymous said...

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