Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Far Away

Don't you just hate it when a single song you overhear from the radio can abruptly tear you up? I'm possibly the least sentimental person on earth, and I don't get mushy as a normal girl does. But as I was rethinking my day before going to bed last night, this track by Nickelback played, and with the DJ's advice to attentively listen to the lyrics, I indeed methodically did.

"That I love you. I have loved you all along.
And I miss you. Been far away for far too long.
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go.
Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore."

It's weird how it can affect your emotions too much. As I've said, I'm not the most mawkish type of person at all, hence my bewilderment. But feasibly, it just darts through you when it literally or metaphorically defines what you really feel towards something, towards someone.

I apologize for being discreet about the catalyst of my being effusive, but I don't normally open up here anyway. The mere reason why I'm sharing this sentiment is that I know that a lot of you can definitely relate. Filipinos, in general, love music, especially those that speak of what really does happen in reality. Ideally, songs can only do so much - Lighten you up, suddenly make you frown, or even help you get over something. And needless to say, I love its chore of conventionally making us feel a certain way. It is quite contributive. Perhaps, writing a song can be another maneuver to vent out strong affection, yeah? Maybe I'll give it a try.


Jaz said...

lemme make a wild guess on your being *effusive*,

is it coz of the guy you were referring to in your last post?

gotcha, right? =P

alright, you don't have to answer that, but i sure would love to read a music composition from you one of these days, k?

Kai said...

*buzzer* wrong answer, haha! That guess is laughable, Jaz. Totally over that puppy love, hehe. If this discourse has anything to do with a guy, it must be with someone else. (;

Anonymous said...

Hello Kai..ü
Music or a song could be a beautiful phenomenon. Funky and cheerful, tense and nervy. Music is emotional. Listening relentlessly to happy music is like eating sugar. Melancholic music can also be uplifting. Life is never simple! Oh am I making sense here?ü

Dance to the rhythm of life,

*eLLe* said...

long time no ronda hehe :D wow new home :)

Vayie said...

Oh boy. You can say that again. That happens to me everyday, since music is a daily fare in my life. If I have to make an OST for my life, it would need more than 10 CDs I guess.

Yes, that much.

Gee. It's okay to be melancholic sometimes.

Debbie said...

yup some songs really hit it right on the spot. how it says all the right words one can't seem to express.

take care kai!

Kai said...

You always make sense to me, don't worry. (:


I think I'll have 5, hehe. Yeah, it indeed makes the world go round. And you're right. I gotta have my drama episodes too, that's part of being normal, hehe.

I know, right? And it simply amazes me! BTW, I was so happy Michael won the challenge. Kayne's was good, but he already got a mega exposure via Ms. Universe, plus Michael's was extra better, hehehe. Have a good one, hon!

missP said...

well, a big challenge KAi, but best theraphy also..or so I heard. Good luck!!!

Jot-jot said...

memory and moods-----moods and songs...totally agree...

Cheenee said...

Hi Kai. :) I finally had the time to breathe and visit your blog (but forgot to put it in my new links. TSK TSK.) . :) ANYWAY, true... We all love songs... And it's sometimes amazing how they can make us cry... Or how they can say so much how we feel... :)

Debbie said...

about PR!

GO Michael! woohoo! at last nanalo rin! i love his style, parang chloe nga, simple, sophisticated and always perfectly made! he seems to know a woman's body so well.

til next PR!

Kai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kai said...

Exactly. Very therapeutic. (:


Ow, don't worry about it. I understand. (:

I know! I was stunned to see the final product, it was GORJAS! I really liked Angela's too though, very Audrey Hepburn. But Michaels was far the best. I hope he and Uli make it to fashion week.

Clare said...

that's odd...

just a few days ago i listened to that song and emote to death ako...

Anonymous said...


one moment you're smiling and then you get to hear a song, youre suddenly melancholic

...or vice versa

...amazing isnt it

amf... :p

shai said...

at ako yun...si shai..hehehe

yayam said...

awwww..ganda ng lyrics. :) pero ive never heard of that song before..hmmmmm..idownload ko nga..hehe.:p have a happy weekend! :D

Kai said...

Ate Clare
See? That's why we're sisters, hehe. (:

Yes, mare. Very senti. d:

It's on my radio.blog, you should be able to hear it. It's a beautiful song, I can totally relate.

Laureen said...

i saw that video premiere on the VH1 countdown. as soon as i heard about its message being about faraway love or whatever, i could have sworn my ears perk up. haha.

i so love that song. songs do have such power. it can stop you in your tracks and you start remembering the "old times."

by the way, i moved to a different url :)

Kai said...

Oh my. YOU can definitely relate to this song. *hugs*

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