Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Inside our family's car.

One of the things why I like my mother sitting in the backseat is so to keep her from arguing with the driver (aka my father), because naturally the constant nagging is just a little unpleasant to the ears. However, no matter where she is seated, neither how hard I try to calm her down, I always end up unsuccessful, and my father being no less than annoyed.

We left the house at around 10:30pm last night in hopes of arriving our destination at least before midnight. But Papa opted not to take the freeway due to his reading difficulties without street lights, therefore, we took another route which unfortunately brought us disorientation. We were only looking for Shell, and before we knew it, we were lost. A little over 15 minutes of squabbling, shutting them up on my part, we finally found the entry to the right path. And as soon as I saw the AMC logo from afar, I told Mama with glee...

Me: "Ma, there's the Stone Briar mall, we're already close by!"
Mama: "Yeah, if your Papa only listened to me, you should have seen that logo a long time ago."

Hahahaha, Winner!

But in events like this, my mother's navigating skills can be very useful, although she has a tendecy to be inevitably cantankerous. Hence I think my father should learn how to start listening to his human-GPS behalf. It can only take us on a peaceful ride each time. (:


cruise said...

hire nyo akong driver para di na magtalo mom at dad mo :)

Debbie said...

you should take the wheel next time..para walang away..hehe

well things like that always happen...it's annoying but hilarious afterwards. :)

Debbie said...

oh i just saw that you're tuning in the jc penney concert...we went to that concert courtesy of hubby's free tickets...it was fun. we were seated all the way up in the balcony..hehe what do expect from free tickets...the experience was great though..when is it airing? i almost forgot coz it's been like 2 months already since they taped it.

Kai said...

Sige ba. Halika ka na dito! d:

Haha, I know. I can't drive though, all of my IDs got lost, right? But I'll fix things once I retrieve my green card, and I'm definitely taking on the wheel from that point on. (; BTW. The JC Penney concert aired tonight, before Big Brother. Katharine McPhee was really good, she blew me away, yet again. Good for you though, I would have gone even if it were in the farthest of seats. I'm never gonna see Andrea Bocelli for free, so that should make sense, hehehe. Lucky you! (:

Vayie said...

Hahaha! Sounds like my mom.

charles ravndal said...

It sounds like me from time to time with either my bf or my friends. That's why it's best to buy a GPS navigator instead.

shai said...

why don't you let your mom drive? hehehe

moms...they're born to nag! lol

i lurve your new layout kai..TALENTADO ka talaga..hahaha!

Jen said...

Hi Kai.. just missing you! anyway, are you aware of Celebrity Duets? i just learned last night that Chris Jericho would participate there.. coolness! OMG.. im soo sure he'd rock the house every week there. and i wish it would be shown here in Manila. haha :D

Laureen said...

my Papa seldom gets lost on the road, but when he does, he would get instructions from my Kuya because Mama & I have no sense of direction (as Kuya tells me), so Mama just sits quietly in her seat while "the boys" argue for a while. haha.

bone said...

wow, lucky you even have someone in the family who has the navigating skills.. my sense of direction is hopeless. oh well.. mother knows best. hehe. nice layout. yey!!!

-trish- said...

lol u're mum is cool dahlin! hehe :)

loving the new layout! take it easy!

Kai said...

I hate being nagged at, hence I avoid circumstances where it's inevitable to get in someone's face, haha.

We're endlessly convincing her, but she just wouldn't. She drove once there in Manila, so I can't understand what she's scared about here. Weird. d:

The commercials of the show are contiguously airing here, seems like a good show. I'm sure you can download or youtube it if it won't be available there.

Good for you, I guess, hehe. It just sounds disturbing when the mother does the nagging, that's the downer for me. ((:

I would have done this with your blog, just inverted colors since you want a dominant blog. But thanks! And I like your blog as it is now. Suits you best. (:

My mom's a cool nagger, yeah! Thanks!