Thursday, September 7, 2006

She's real!

Photo Credit to Vanity FairAdmittedly, I'm one of the bazillionettes who suspected the baby Suri to be just another product of a movie actor's fictional mind farts. But looks like we've just been proven wrong. There really is a Suri Cruise!!! Well, duh? Big deal, of course. At least for showbiz aficionados like me. The sum of this Cruise-Holmes intercourse had remained invisible since birth, hence the speculations of it being unreal. But here she is now!!! The real baby Suri!

What did I think, initially? She looks Asian. Crazy? Not really. But after a couple of minutes staring at the picture, and with my brother's opinion abruptly injected in the round thing above my neck, I figured... She's real. Well. Fine. She looks like Tom Cruise. And say, a little bit of the mother. But evs. The fact that she looks Asian is what really scrapped all of what could be a negative response to this current topic of the water cooler. She's adorable. Please.

ETA: About the comment box...

I've been paying attention to everyone who continually gets problems re commenting here. I actually don't know what exactly is going on, but I think this somehow was caused by my switch to Blogger's Beta features. On their behalf, I apologize. I would suggest that you switch to it as well, but I'm afraid you won't like its new thingamajigs. So maybe you can just choose the "other" option when entering a comment for the mean time. I know, sucks big time, but I'm really sorry about it. If I could only revert back to what blogger was like before the stupid changes.

And now for the Tennis geek in me...

I think I just jinxed Rafa's chances of getting further in the tourney. I just went to Austin, and when I came back, I was floored to witness this random Russian shockingly annihilate my favorite. He beat him in 4 fuckin' sets, with the last being 6-1. I still can't believe it! Well, not that it's the end of the world, but I can't help but wonder what could have gone wrong. It was uncharacteristically exhausting to watch him. But what the heck, he's still no.2, still frickin' hot, and I forever love him. So juicy, haha! There's only enough room left for one more upset, and that is for Andy Roddick not making it to the finals. There's gotta be a hottie in there! ((:

I've got another story, but it deserves an entry of it's own. It's so katawa and kainis. Super arte, haha. Til then.


Debbie said...

oh wow...she's cute. she's really looks like a mix between both parents. katie kinda looks asian...kinda maybe that's where she got the looks...amazing combination huh! thanks for the pics...i was surprised they had the picture already i thought i would take a looooong time until they made her public.

is it just me? parang ang hirap mag comment...

Kai said...

Me too! I really thought it was just an imaginatory baby, haha, but she's really adorable. Kinda glad that it's real, hehe. (: I'm really sorry about the comment box. It's a little tricky, something that concerns Blogger's new features or something. Glad you were still able to post, but if next time you encounter the same problem, just go with "other user" or "anonymous". Wouldn't really make a difference. Thanks, Deb! (:

charles said...

The baby looks cute and all. I would say what a nice breeding!

Anonymous said...

papa cruise is cutier,lol

have a great weekend kai! take care!


bone said...

you saw it!!! lol. grabe when i first saw it on the net, i coudlnt stop smiling.. and then i had this moments pa na bigla na lang yayakap sa tita ko then bigla kon gsasabihing ang cute cute ni suri talaga. haha. shit, ganda ng combination ni katie and tom noh?

shai said...

ang kyut kyut ng baby nila noh? hmmmp, makapagpalahi nga kay tom cruise...heheh

Kai said...

Their combo's exquisite.

You too! (:

I've seen prettier babies, but this one's the most charismatic by far.

Kung pwede at libre, bakit hindi? Hahahaha.

sorbetera said...

hahaha so Suri IS real. I was one of those who doubted her existence too but still.. I have to agree with you.. she DOES look asian! hahaha!!

Well I STILL think Tom Cruise is crazy. Or at least just a little bit retarded. hehe I have my reasons.. hehe (one being that Oprah episode that showed him being totally wacked.. >.<)

Aww.. Rafa was annihilated?! Is that even possible? The guy's a friggin genius! how can that happen! My friend will surely be devastated.. she's obsessed with the guy! ^__^

laureen said...

isn't Suri the cutest li'l thing. i saw the same cover on Anderson Cooper's show a couple of nights ago. she does look Asian, huh? or like a little Eskimo. hehe.

Kai said...

Haha, I think Tom Cruise is fantastic as an actor, but that Scientology thing turns me off. It's totally out of this world, hahaha. OMG, I should be friends with your pal. I'm soooo into Rafa, seriously, haha. Yeah, sadly he was eliminated by Youzhny (random Russian guy), and it came as a shock to the whole Open. Nobody saw that coming, after all, everybody wanted a Federer-Nadal finals yet again. It was really devastating. Oh well, there's always a next time. (;

My thoughts exactly. Very Asian or Icelandic.

tani said...

baby suri is sooo cute! there should be a blog entry on who's cuter... suri or shiloh... or maybe there shouldn't be... i'm a brangelina fan.

Vayie said...

Oh, yes she's real. I'm one of the skeptics outthere. Prior to this, there were lots of articles showing Katie Holmes' bump changing size when she was still pregnant. I don't know if that's a camera trick, though.

And they've been keeping the baby for so long everyone's thinking it's just Tom Cruise's wild Scientologic imagination kicking in.

But the baby's cute, if I may say so.

Kai said...
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Kai said...

I think it's Suri. By far. =)

Yeah, those bump pics just drove the heck out of me, haha. I'm glad though that it's real after all, because that's one very adorable baby!