Friday, September 22, 2006

Christmas Wish #1

Our current digicam is working perfectly, however, there are times that it's at its most uncooperative state, especially when my brother and I are enjoying a live wrestling event. Just like this. Decent shots, perhaps, but we can't just settle for decent, right? Of course you want better and beautiful shots, especially when it's not everyday that you get the chance to be in an event, place, occasion like that.

So, with that, my mother considers buying a new digicam before our soon-ish adventures to the west coast. I initially wanted a Powershot SD800, but I snobbed the idea once I saw that Sharapova ad. Haha, sorry, that's how bad I want to strangle her. And so, I switched my options to Nikon Coolpix S7c, which is also very stylish, btw. However, when I saw Oprah's season premiere earlier this week, and showed that she's using this certain Kodak camera, my mom and I thought that it's gotta be good since Oprah's using it. I forgot exactly what the model was but I searched for a good Kodak cam and I found this.

Kodak Easyshare V705

It's got 7.1 megapix, ultra wide 5x optical zoom range and it comes in pink too! Ugh, gorgeous!

Haha, it's funny, right? I just had a petty fight with my mom a few days ago over a freakin' kabayo, and now we're talking luxuries. *lol* Then again, as Jaz perfectly puts it, she quite needs some serious priority-resorting. But between an ironing board and a new digicam? No brainer, I'll take the latter. =p Happy weekend, everyone!


bananas said...

bloghopping here...can help but appreciate ur grey's anatomy header. it's wow! love it.

shai said...

i badly needed a digicam too. help meeee KAI!

that cam is sooo pretty. fenk! pero maganda yung 6mp casio exilim s600 ata..mura pa..ehehhe

Laureen said...

that camera is PURRRRTY! i would want to get a digicam of my own, too. my brother loves Maria Sharapova, though, so i think he likes the Powershot digicam for himself, hehe.

charles ravndal said...

The camera is cute. And it looks perfectly for you!

Kai said...

Aw, thank you! =)

Wala akong ipapa-utang sayo, haha. Joke. I haven't seen that camera, but I think I'll settle for this one, if ever, since it's in FENK!

You know why I hate Sharapova? Because of her strategical grunts. They're humongous. And eardrum killers. =))

Isn't it cute? Ah, gotta have that one.

bone said...

definitely, a new digicam! its not like you could bring a kabayo to a wrestling match right?

btw kai, have you seen the latest ep of laguna bitch? anu ba yun, feeling gwapo naman si cameron. kainis.

oh ya huh, this is already working!

Debbie said...

wow it sure is a cutey...7.1?whoa gadgets keep on getting better huh. so how much are those? i bet they're still expensive kung kalalabas lang.

Kai said...

Hahahahaha, Laguna Bitch!!! Panalo ka talaga, bruha! Actually, di na ako nanonood niyan. Ang pangit ng bida, e. Hahaha! Cameron is nothing special, I mean, I don't even understand why Jessica's all over him. He's so totoy! =p

I think it's about $300, mahal pa ba yun? I'm not sure if this is a new release, but it certainly would be worth it. =)

hanagirl said...

wow, 7.1 pixels! and it's pink too! nice :)

cruise said...

nago lay-out ulit.. cool you have same camera as one of the most famous and influencial lady in america and world

Vayie said...

That is some just cool gadget you got there. I might be able to fulfill everything on my wishlist once I get my 13th month pay/bonuses this December.

Until then, let me drool.

yayam said...

nakita ko na yan before! yep it's gorgeous! :p

bone said...

okay, that one didnt come out right. i didnt mean to bitch ahahaha although pwede hello?! theyre all acting really bitchy and all.. even the boys! whats with them.. haha but i still watch it sometimes coz of tessa and only because of her. i like her face so much. i dont know. laguna beach is not a good material for tv, i know but i get bored too you know. hehe =)

Kai said...

I know! It'd fit you too. =)

Actually, I don't have that (yet). I wish, but it'd nice, I guess, hehe.

Buti ka nga may Christmas bonus, while me? Darn, that's one of the cheers a jobless bum doesn't get, haha.

I know, right?

Tessa? Um, pwede na. I like Kyndra's face, but she's bitchy, I don't like any of them at all. Especially Cami. Ugh, she also made cameos last season, she's a fugly bitch. Hahaha! Dude, I feel you, TV lang talaga katapat ng boredom. But I suggest watching better programs than Laguna Beach. Like Grey's Anatomy, House, Project Runway. You'll love them too! =)