Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Rainy Days on Tuesdays

And so, the trip to Austin still pushed through, even with the heavy weather almost hindering my long awaited escapade. Aba, I had to rampa at least before this season ends, haha. And I got it, just with an equally volimunous condition. The effin' weather wasn't cooperative at all, it was gloomy from here to there, and it sucked. Big time. Nevertheless, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. After all, The Capitol (the trip's main purpose) is a tourist destination itself. I got to see parts here and there, and around it. Barely satisfying, but not that bad either. If the weather could have been just a little friendlier, sigh, I would have enjoyed the trip immensely. Eff it!

It was a fun experience kodak-ing though. Oh gosh, I'm no expert, please bear with my amateur skills.

The Capitol

Capitol tower ceiling. Brother took this.

Marisco Grill & Grove along 6th St.

And a poor self portrait attempt. Wawa.

You know what ticked me off the most? No, not that I didn't get to take a photo of myself completely, but the fact that I didn't even get to have a single cocktail anywhere on 6th St. That place is like the Session Road of South Texas - I'm from the North, so I'm totally screwed - it's where musicians, comedians, and parties and cocktails come alive each night. It's popular, and seemingly fun, hence my little turmoil. But the rain just sealed it for us. If the sun showed up sooner, we could have stayed over the night. But it didn't, so we headed right back home after a brief 2-hour stay. We didn't even see the fuckin' bat bridge!!! Arghhh.

Pardon my kid-without-a-candy attitude here. I just don't get to go to places like that everyday, and as you may know, I've been severely bored over the past few months, that I needed this trip to at least, remind me that I have an outside world aside from the backyard. Damn. My typing fingers are releasing baloney now. It's 2:47am, it's freezing cold, I got Tennis to watch tomorrow, but I'm yet to yawn, and I'm still mad.

I swear. I will go back to Austin sooner than later. And I will ride that fuckin' duck andventures!


hoochiemomma said...

Hello Kai! :D I wanna thank you for always visiting. I have been tediously busy for the past months so I kinda haven't been blogging at all. But I am back now with this much net time. Hey, your self-portrait looks cute. I'm sure ya could always get a better one. Take care ya girl!

hoochiemomma said...

This is FIONA by the way.

ethel said...

The ceiling is awesome! nice pics Kai.

laureen said...

haha, i'm just about ready to post some Austin pictures in my blog today, too. i have the same ceiling photo =)

the weather has been a drag for the past couple of days. seems like it's gonna get colder soon.

Debbie said...

oh well...the weather is just so unpredictable and sometimes annoying. just when you want it sunny, down comes the rain, parang intentional minsan!haha at least you get to go out. i'm sure this won't be the last...

take care kai!

Anonymous said...

oh my, the capitol ceiling looks like an optical iluusion! pretty.


Kai said...

Hey!!! Yeah, figured you've been busy. How's it going? I/we missed you. The headband's nice, yeah? Haha, cheap too, loves it. Anyway, hope you're having fun in the outside world, and blog more often!!! d:

Thanks, Ethel! (:

Wikipedia has the same photo, lol. That ceiling is just captivating, ain't it? Yeah, went out today, and the heat pretty much gradually fades away. We're not in the 100s anymore, halleluyah! Hahaha. I like Fall. It's the no-cleaning, and ultimate shopping season!

I know. You can imagine how frustrated I was yesterday, like when the sun started to come out and we're already like 150 miles away from Austin, I extremely wanted my dad to make a swift exit and go back, hahaha. But it just wouldn't happen. There's always a next time though, you're right. And I can't wait for that.

I know! It's gorgeous. (:

Debbie said...

about PR! ding dong the witch is dead! haha i really can't see why he's so proud of with his work. i really don't. of course he naturally adores his work specially the sleaves, he always has a crazy sleave or collar.

i'm in between jeffrey's gown. but i gotta give it to him, he's always taking the chance and he clearly has talent. his work is never boring but it's personally not my style. i thought uli would win...

shai said...

pusha! kodaking! i love the term, siyeet!

in fairness magaling ka naman mag kodak kodak ah?!

Kai said...

I know!!! He had it coming though, it's pretty darn obvious that he's the weakest link out of everyone left. Uli's dress was really pretty. I was floored when she didn't win it. Jeffrey's? Um, not my kind. I'm still confused why'd they prefer that. It wasn't high fashion to me.

Kodak-ing is a general term here, bru. It's just like kodakan in Tagalog. (;

tani said...

great pictures. about the self-portrait attempt, it's the view that matters don't you think? ;)

Kai said...

No. My face should've been the attraction, that's why it's supposed to be a "self portrait" to start with, don't you think? (;

Vayie said...

AWW! What kind of a self-portrait is that??? Hehehe!

So, it's been raining there too, huh. Glad you were able to do the long overdue rampa!

Kai said...

I know. I feel sorry for myself, haha.