Thursday, September 28, 2006


"The road is long with many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where, who knows where"

I'm singing this aged song in my head as I was indulging myself in a small glass of vanilla ice-cream with a mountain full of chocolate syrup on top. And boom! Right then and there, after who knows where, I felt guilty. I'm a severely overweight woman who doesn't normally care about what I register in my piehole, and I suddenly felt guilt over a Hollies song. Fuckin' random!!!

You know what else is random? This certain Justin Timberlake song. What the fuck!!! I can't get it out of my head! "You see these shackles baby I'm your slave" Boy oh boy, without even looking at its lyric sheet, I've memorized the freakin' song just by listening to it through this radio station I always wake up to, which characteristically loves repeating a set of ten songs over and over and over again. "I'll let you whip me if I misbehave" Oh gawd, I don't really like singing along with lyrics as kinky as that, but honestly, I think it's the Sexyback effect. Admit it! You all love it, don't you? Even my dad has it as his ringtone! No kidding. Hahaha, well actually, my brother is the culprit of it, but can you just imagine how weird it would be had my father set it up as his ringtone himself? Hahaha, random! But seriously. This song is awfully addicting. I hate it.

As I told Bone this afternoon, I was reading stuff on the internet about cars, sports, and other stuff just so I could wipe the word boredom off my forehead once again. Even made myself extra busy voting simultaneously for my Spanish sweetheart in this freakin poll - see shameless sidebar promo. Haha, can you blame me? He's super hot! And the fact that Andy Roddick's beating him, not to mention by a large margin, is pissing me off. I mean, the American is cute, I'll give him that. But come on now, Nadal > Roddick. Hot > Cute. Seriously!

Oh gosh. Sweat. Wine. Biceps. MARRY ME!

I'm so into this 20 year old who I wouldn't even have a proper communication with. Mi hable Espanol? No. Boo me. But still, help me vote for his hotness!!! Pretty please with puto't kutchinta on top, hehehe. After all, Filipinos are of Spanish descent, hindi ba? Haha, biglang napunta dun. =p

Ugly Betty premiered tonight. It was cute, funny, a little forgettable. But I'm sure it'll have it's own demographic too, myself partly included, especially that it's something to spend your time with while waiting for the main event. Haay, buhay telebisyon nanaman. I know. It entirely keeps me company. Everyday. Hmm. I think I should have a boyfriend. That way, I'd gladly release these random obsessions which, in reality, won't get me anywhere in life, plus I'd also stop pestering my parents to have family time (translation = gastos) with me and my (newly adult) brother every day off.

Feeling ko tuloy, any day my mom would get to my face and pull off a Maricel Soriano...
"Get out of my house, I don't need a parasite!" Yikes. Hahaha, I don't know what I'd do. =))

Naku, eto ba ang tama ng pagkain ng ice-cream? Kung ano-ano na lang tina-type ko. I've never been this random in my entire blogging life. Or have I? I don't know, but it feels oddly different this time. Like I had six bites of Snoop's brownies, haha. Man, I think I need a rest. A legitimate rest. At ayoko pang mamatay. Hahaha.


Jaz said...

I don't really like that Sexyback song. Honestly. But I just can't seem to get it out of my head either. Sometimes I would even catch my fingers drumming itself to the beat. Darn!

Yep, your stomach needs that rest for sure. Take it easy on the chomps, you don't wanna end up having a lot of obese-related medical problems now, right?

Laurene said...

hey ate kai!

*heard the news of super typhoon milenyo?

*and the last admu-ust uaap game? kramer got the winning shot. 1 second. 1 point. dapat 2nd place na kami =(

Laureen said...

yup, that justin timberlake song is bouncy. i wouldn't dare singing that song either. haha.

ugly betty...haven't seen the episode yet. it, too, is floating in my dvr. haha.

my ultimate tennis hottie is marat safin, though, pero sige, i'll vote for your darling Rafa =)

have a great weekend, kai!

Kai said...

I know! Don't you just hate the unavoidable effect of it? Hahaha. Actually, Jaz, I feel blessed that eventhough I'm fat, I haven't experienced anything seriously, chest pains occasionally, that's why I think it's about time to take this fatcamp earnestly.

Hi babygirl! I heard about the bagyo, and read bits about this UAAP final. I don't know who Kramer is, but I've always been a UST fan myself, so I hope they win!

It's kinky in every sense of the word, haha! But it's just sing-able, you know? LOL. Oh gosh, that DVR needs some cleaning! Hahaha, Ugly Betty's cute, you'll like it, I think. Marat is my second hottie, that's for sure. Then Patrick Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt, and Robby Ginepri. Haha, don't we realize there's a million of Tennis hotties in that freakin' court? We just can't get enough, hahaha. Thanks for voting for Rafa though. Admit it, he's really hot, isn't he? =p

cruise said...

swet like that before, i really love the feeling!

Debbie said...

wow you've never been this random before...haha it's ok though, we;re knowing exactly what's in your mind. aren't you taking classes? coz it'll surely take your mind off the things your obsessing right now. anyway, enjoy your ice cream!

charles ravndal said...

I also dont like Justin Timberlake except for the Cry Me A River song though.

I agree that Rafael Nadal is hot but I still go for Andy!

Kai said...

I think we all have. And yeah, it makes you feel light!

I know, right? It's insane. Didn't I tell you I skipped Fall sem? I'm resuming school in Winter, 'cuz I thought I'd have the summer and fall of my life, but turns out I'm having the most boring time, lol. I'll go to California, hopefully, before school starts. That should wipe these random obsessions off my system.

Andy's alright, he's just a little cross-eyed. But then again, that's your taste. Me? I like things hot and spicy. Hahaha! =p

Tani said...

all justin timberlake songs' are mildly irritating but you got to admit they're catchy. :)
what's with tennis players these days? there seem to be a hunk/babe-tennis player factory...

Kai said...

Hahaha, seems like it. :p

cnaj said...

I was bloghopping and happened to read your entry about Ugly Betty :D
I actually waited for this beacuse it reminded m e of Betty La Fea back in the Philippines... hahaha.. then I found out that it WAS based on the Colombian series..

Kai said...

Hi, Cnaj! Well, it indeed is. If you're interested you can watch Ugly Betty via It's streaming right there for free. Thanks for stopping by! (: